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The Indian food and beverage industry has evolved in recent years. From the introduction of the fourth wave in the coffee industry to the growing demand for bean-to-bar chocolates, the space is experiencing disruption across all categories.

In recent years, another trend that seems to be gaining momentum is vegan meat or plant-based meat substitutes.

Two categories of people are pushing this trend: vegetarians looking to increase protein in their diets and non-vegetarians who want to gradually transition to a vegan lifestyle.

While the concept of plant-based meat or “mock” meat is a concept matured in the West, with established brands such as Inasmuch asBeyond meatInasmuch asArcher Daniels Midland and impossible foods operating in this space for quite some time now, the industry is at a nascent stage in India.

Today, several companies in India are trying to crack the vegan meat code in India.

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When Pranay Jain on the path to a healthy life, little did he know that the journey would reward him in ways he could not have imagined!

While studying at the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), he found himself consuming chocolates, processed foods, and an incessant amount of sugar. Of an average weight, he continued to weigh 96 kg in the second year.

In 2013, he decided to take his life into his own hands and embark on a fitness journey. Pranay joined his father’s business Gangwal Group in 2015 to manage international operations. Since the group had already been operating in the health and pharmaceutical fields since 1987, it decided to launch the nutraceuticals and supplements vertical in 2017.

Formerly called Body & U, BodyFirst was launched with the aim of making “India nutritionally responsible while providing Indians with genuine, authentic and clinically researched products,” says Pranay. SMBStory.

The Mumbai-based brand offers a host of products such as Plant Protein, KSM66 Ashwagandha, Vegan Flaxseed Oil, Fenugreek Fiber, Astaxanthin, Probiotics, Whey Protein, My Protein Bar Crunch etc. Today, BodyFirst is present in 45 cities – through offline and online channels.

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The Burger Company

Neelam Singh has always been a foodie by heart. It was her love for food that ultimately led her to become an entrepreneur.

After working with Genpact and ICICI Lombard, she quit her job in 2017 to start her own food business. She says she wanted to target another gap in the market by opening a fast food chain for young people in particular, preferably college students and students residing in Tier II and III cities.

“I grew up in Agra, and there weren’t many places back then where we could hang out,” she says. Today, fast food chains across the country have grown tremendously and Neelam hopes to carve out a place for itself in this market.

To get the ball rolling, Neelam started a B2B business. “We took a small store in the food court of one of the companies, converted it into a kitchen and supplied companies like Sapient (in Gurgaon). We mainly offered burgers and drinks.

Seeing that the burgers were getting a good response, Neelam felt encouraged to push further to start her own fast food business called Inasmuch asThe Burger CompanyInasmuch as. In 2018, she opened an outlet in Palam Vihar, Gurugram.

Since the pandemic, the brand has grown to 42 franchisees and one point of sale. Following his dreams, Neelam was also able to expand to Tier II and Tier III cities like Baraut, Loni, Roorkee, Bhiwani, Rohtak, Ujjain, Aligarh, and more. The biggest plan is to open 100 other franchise outlets by the end of the following fiscal year.

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When walking through a shopping mall or a street market in metropolitan cities, it is hard to miss a warm store called Inasmuch asKazoInasmuch as, known for its rich Western designs. However, few people know that this international sounding brand is actually entirely Made in India, with its genesis in Delhi.

In an exclusive conversation with SMBStory, Deepak Aggarwal, Founder, CEO and Managing Director of KAZO, says that after graduating he wanted to do something on his own and not join the family business, which led him to start a small clothing export house in 1991.

Running this business for about 15 years gave Deepak a good understanding of the industry, and he soon realized that there was a wide gap in the western clothing market in India.

“There were no affordable, high street international fashion brands in India,” he adds.

To bridge the gap and bring a new dimension to women’s fashion in India, in 2007 Deepak launched KAZO by investing approximately Rs 40 million of its own. Today, Deepak claims that the company has a turnover of 100,000,000 rupeeswith more than 170 outlets in 70 cities in India.

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