What to know about the safety of a vegan diet for children

Like FoxNews reports, children can be safely vegan in most cases as long as their diet includes the right vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Harvard Health explains that children need foods rich in iron (like broccoli, spinach or lentils), calcium (fortified plant-based milk and kale), vitamin D (found in some orange juices!) and zinc for healthy development and immune response. Don’t forget protein, which is found not only in animal products, but also in nuts, soy, and other sources. A proper vegan diet can be high in these nutrients, making it a healthy option for young and old.

A study 2021 found that vegan children exhibit normal growth rates and are less likely to be obese than their peers who consume animal products. Another study says that vegan adults have a lower risk of developing chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems and certain types of cancer. However, science does not currently have enough evidence to fully support a vegan diet for children, and parents would do well to seek advice from a professional nutritionist or doctor if they have any questions about which is best. to their children.

Wondering what a rich, complete vegan meal for kids might look like? A mum advised Fox readers to put “all the colors of the rainbow” on their children’s plates. For example, opt for protein like beans or chickpeas, served with a fatty, creamy avocado and a juicy pico de gallo. Colorful antioxidants – doesn’t it sound delicious?