Vegan writer from Brighton on hangover cures and her first cookbook

A VEGAN food writer has revealed all about her hangover cures, fake meats and her first cookbook.

Sophie Gordon’s cookbook, The Whole Vegetable: Sustainable Recipes For A Healthier Planet, encourages a less wasteful approach to cooking by using as many vegetables as possible – skins, stems and all.

Based in Brighton, the 29-year-old revealed her tips for cooking at home, her father’s childhood pasta recipes and the book itself.

The whole vegetable: sustainable recipes for a healthier planet

What is your signature dish?

“Probably a twist on my chickpea and celery dish. I still have impulses.

“I make it with lentils or chickpeas or butter beans and then just some kind of creamy tahini sauce and lots of garlic, herbs. It is my favorite.

What would your death row meal be?

“I would always go for something very simple, very good quality pasta with just a very simple tomato stew sauce and tender broccoli.”

Favorite childhood dish?

“My dad used to make this pasta all the time; there’s a similar one in the book but it was basically whatever pasta we had and then whatever vegetable was left in the fridge.

“He made a creamy tomato sauce with lots of garlic, and we had that all the time. Sometimes like a pot or sometimes like cooking.

“And then when I was vegetarian, he put cheese on it. I love it, it leaves me with very good memories.

Is there anything you don’t like to eat?

“I’m not a huge fan of fake meats.”

What’s your ultimate hangover cure?

“It may sound a bit silly, but probably a green juice or smoothie.”

Is there anything you still can’t cook?

“Sometimes patties or burgers. I wouldn’t say I can’t do them, I just find them harder.

“For vegan burgers, getting the right flavor and the right consistency, and whether you’re going to fry them or bake them, is one of those difficult things.”

What is your favorite store cupboard?


What’s your favorite late-night snack?

“Either a vegan chocolate truffle or what my boyfriend and I made recently is sweet and salty popcorn.”

What did you eat last night for dinner?

“Pizza – we went out. I had cherry tomatoes, garlic, broccoli and artichokes.

What’s your favorite takeaway?

“Either a Thai or a Mexican.”

The Whole Vegetable: Sustainable Recipes For A Healthier Planet by Sophie Gordon is published by Michael Joseph, priced at £25. Available now.

What kitchen utensil can’t you live without?

“My Vitamix – it’s a blender/food processor.”

The Whole Vegetable: Sustainable Recipes For A Healthier Planet by Sophie Gordon is published by Michael Joseph for £25.