Vegan sesame, fig and orange muffins

Sesame, fig and orange muffins

Start your day in style with these zesty and healthy vegan orange sesame and fig muffins. In fact, we think this vegan breakfast muffin recipe is especially good for breakfast in bed!

Our vegan muffin recipe uses figs which are a great source of calcium and potassium and contribute to a healthy vegan diet.

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It’s our new favorite vegan muffin recipe for weekend breakfasts. The crunchy filling pairs perfectly with the roasted fig and the sweet flavor of orange blossom.

A lot of these on the weekend goes a long way, and you’ll be so appreciated, you’ll be expected to cook more of them the following weekend. Enjoy!

A good vegan muffin recipe should be chewy, chewy, and full of flavor. These muffins tick all the boxes and, on top of that, are topped with delicious caramelized fig and sesame seeds and oats for a delicious vegan breakfast muffin.

To store vegan muffins, line an airtight container with a paper towel and store at room temperature.