Vegan Meat Brand Declared ‘World Seitan Day’

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Britain’s leading manufacturer of seitan, LoveSeitan has declared the ‘first ever’ ‘World Seitan Day’ later this year to celebrate the beloved herbal product.

LoveSeitan announced that the day will be held on Monday, October 18. This is to honor Japanese philosopher and founder of the macrobiotic diet George Ohsawa on his date of birth.

world seitan day

Ohsawa is the first person to coin the term seitan and is celebrated for bringing it to the West, despite the food dating back to China nearly 1,500 years ago.

He created his name in the early 1960s by combining “sei” and “tan”. Sei means proper or correct, and tan comes from the Japanese word “tanpak” which means protein.

LoveSeitan made the announcement on the anniversary of Ohsawa’s death on April 23.

Healthy source of protein

Steve Swindon co-founded LoveSeitan. In a statement sent exclusively to PBNhe said: “This is a very special announcement for us. We have three main objectives: one, to pay tribute to George.

“He was an innovator, a visionary and led an inspirational life dedicated to improving human health.

“Second, to celebrate and raise awareness of seitan as one of the best food sources available to a world that desperately needs sustainable, healthy and accessible protein sources more than ever.

“And finally, to inspire creativity; there are wonderful recipes and amateur chefs – we can’t wait to see what people can come up with!

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