Vegan meat appears on menus 1,320% more since 2020

If you’ve noticed more plant-based options on restaurant menus, it’s likely because the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated public interest in healthier foods, new research shows. An AI platform report To taste reveals that vegan meat substitutes present a $ 14 billion opportunity, concluding that plant-based meat is appearing on foodservice menus 1,320% more than before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The popularity of plants is steering the restaurant industry towards more sustainable and healthier ingredients, in light of the climate crisis and pandemic. The trend is occurring across the market, marking a significant shift in both restaurant supply and consumer demand. The report also found that 9.2 percent of restaurants in the United States incorporate vegan meat in their menus. The highest percentage of vegan meat dishes is found in Oregon, Ohio, Florida, Maryland, New York, and California.

“In response to the devastating advance of climate change, many companies are working to reduce the significant climate footprint of the farmed meat industry by innovating ways to move away from animal meat,” said writes Tastewise CEO Alon Chen. “This increase in resources devoted to plant-based meat products, combined with consumer demands for real and versatile solutions, is driving a timely change in the way we consume food. We look forward to a healthier, more sustainable world of food and drink, where we all play a part.

Restaurants have adapted to the growing demand for plant-based foods as consumers become increasingly concerned about the climate crisis. Following the UN’s IPCC “code red” on the climate crisis, the impact of animal agriculture has become undeniable. The Tastewise report found that motivation for sustainability is increasing by 58% year over year. Beyond that, the study shows people are eating plant-based foods due to growing concerns about climate change by 83% year over year.

Earlier this year, a joint study conducted by the Association of plant-based foods and The good food institute found that the vegan meat market has grown twice as fast as conventional animal meat over the past year. The growing popularity can be attributed to the introduction to the market of vegan meat, especially in the restaurant industry.

“The data tells us unequivocally that we are experiencing a fundamental change … An ever-increasing number of consumers are choosing foods that taste great and improve their health by incorporating plant-based foods into their diets”, Senior Director of Sales Partnerships retail at Plant Based Food Association. “As this industry surpasses $ 7 billion … PBFA is delighted to continue its work to help build sustainable infrastructure, including sourcing of domestic ingredients, for this growing demand to expand access to basic foods. of plants. “

From fast food to gastronomy, vegetable meat is spread all over the world. In the United States, several establishments have incorporated vegan meat into their regular menus. Recently, Beyond the meat launched its vegan chicken fillets in 400 restaurants across North America. The cast follows the highly anticipated release of the company’s vegan alternative to chicken. As a side dish for vegan chicken, Beyond has already partnered with several fast food companies, including Carl’s Jr. and Dunkin ‘, to showcase their plant-based proteins. Most recently, the company partnered with McDonald’s to launch its McPlant vegan burger in the UK.

On the gastronomic side, the restaurateurs have decided to introduce several plant-based dishes in their prestigious menus. This year, the highest Michelin gastronomic ranking panel awarded 81 stars to vegan and vegetarian restaurants. The recognition will encourage other restaurants to start experimenting with plant-based foods, especially as the international food community increasingly accepts plant-based foods as an important and healthier option.

“Plant-based diets are quickly becoming mainstream, but the change has not been constant,” said Kelly Fairchild, Global Business Development Manager at Ipsos Retail Performance. “In recent years, the rapid adoption of vegan diets and meatless products have hit the shelves. As the dialogue around veganism shifts from animal welfare to broader concerns about climate change and personal health, we are seeing more and more people embrace this once-minority food preference. “

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