Vegan Dogs: Can You Feed Your Dog a Vegan Diet?

What are the pros and cons of feeding a dog on a vegan diet?

One of the pro-vegan arguments for dog food is that no dog food is all natural.

Certainly not dog food made from meat and animal products unfit for human consumption, by-products, gluten meal, artificial flavors and colors.

And no raw meat either, especially no farmed cows, pigs, salmon or even chicken.

Truly natural dog food would be mice, voles, rats, rabbits, squirrels, small birds and insects, plants, berries, wild caught fruits and vegetables and whatever else they can find. – oh, and also the droppings of other species!

The pro-vegan argument says that when we can meet the nutritional needs of dogs with specially formulated vegan dog food, it’s better than regular commercial kibble which is often made with low-quality ingredients and chemicals.

Although we cannot feed our dogs 100% natural food, we may as well give them quality plant-based foods.

With meat-based dog foods, there is always the risk that bacteria, parasites and fungal toxins are present and cause a host of health problems.3.

This is why there are so many dog ​​food recalls every year. The risk is less with plant-based foods.

Another argument for vegan dog food is that we shouldn’t value the life of one animal – your dog – more than another – a farm animal that loses its life to feed. your dog.

When we can make sure our dogs are getting everything they need from pet free dog food, why not do it?

As mentioned above, plant-based dog foods are also suitable for many dogs with food allergies and sensitivities.

Many people have reported that their dog’s health has improved since switching to vegan food.

In fact, Lewis Hamilton has credited a vegan diet with changing the life of his dog Roscoe and dramatically improving his health.

According to Hamilton, Roscoe is like a puppy again after a vegan diet helps with issues like breathing and overheating.

What are the arguments against feeding dogs on a vegan diet?

One of the arguments against feeding dogs a vegan diet is that their health can suffer without meat.

This is only true if you are not giving your dog a balanced diet with all the nutrients he needs. However, they don’t need to have meat to be healthy.

Another common objection is that we should not impose our beliefs on a different species.

It would be valid if we hurt our dogs in the process, but if a dog is well fed and healthy, surely there is no problem?

The only situation where vegan food may not be suitable for your dog is if they have very specific needs due to a disease of the digestive system.

Yet even in these situations, combining vegan and non-vegan foods can work.