Vegan diet has some benefits for dogs, study finds

(Photo credit: Photoboyko/Getty Images)

An interesting study found that vegan diets can have good health effects for dogs.

The study— commissioned by vegan dog food brand Omni and published in Clinical and Biomedical Research Archives— found that vegan diets benefit the health of dogs in certain ways, according to VegNews.

Indicated health improvements

With 100 dogs, the study took place over 12 months. Meanwhile, dog parents have registered with Omni were asked to complete questionnaires reflecting their observations of their dog’s health and appetite. Interestingly, the survey criteria covered a wide range, from bowel regularity to skin color and anxiety.

Overall, the study noted that more than 90% of dogs with gastrointestinal issues showed improvement in their condition, and 77% of dogs with dandruff reduced or completely resolved their health issues. In addition to this, many of the dog’s parents have reported reduced gas and less anxiety and aggression. Finally, more than half of dog parents reported improved hair shine.

The study authors say the results, while promising, need to be confirmed by further studies with larger sample sizes.

Is a vegan diet good for dogs?

Although the study results are significant, many dog ​​parents might wonder if a vegan or vegetarian diet is right for their dog. Currently, there is no evidence showing that vegan diets have any adverse effects on our dog’s health. And some dogs can even be allergic to meat. However, the shift to plant-based dog foods means dog parents need to be more mindful of their dog’s health.

Although a dog’s digestive system can support a plant-based diet, it’s important to keep in mind our dog food needs. Dogs are omnivores and their health is optimized by a combination of animal and vegetable proteins. However, some vegan dog food brands make sure your pup gets the nutrition he needs and deserves.