Vegan diet becoming a trend in India, is it recommended for growing children?

Following a vegan diet also ensures that your child eats healthy, organic foods.

In the simplest sense, being vegan means abstaining from anything that comes from a living thing. This means avoiding animal foods, products, products and by-products, thereby ensuring that one does not contribute to cruelty to them. This means not indulging in eating meat, not buying silk sarees or woolen clothes.

How good is being vegan for an individual?

As a conscious consumer this is truly a beneficial lifestyle because by going vegan one would completely move away from dangerous antibiotics, hormones and adulteration which is a common culture to ensure longer shelf life for most animal products. As exports increase and the world gets smaller and smaller, more and more preservatives and chemistries are in play to ensure your food survives the journey. Veganism is also a choice of nonviolence against bees, livestock, poultry, reptiles and the oceanic universe that have fallen prey to man’s boundless hunger for more.

Currently however, in the name of veganism, supermarket shelves are exploding, and the global vegan food market is estimated to reach $31.4 billion by 2026.

This now means that if the intention, in our beginnings, was noble, the agri-food companies resort to the same practice which today has made livestock breeding the first cause of global climate change with almost irreversible effects.

The vegan foods available so freely are just horrible fillers instead of the nutritious, guilt-free bounty we have been promised.

So to be unaware today means that we believe that we are having a positive impact on flora and fauna, and that we are still part of the same race and again our health is compromised.

The ethical goodness of being vegan is a chance to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. It gives one person a chance to do something and leave a legacy of a healthier planet for our children. This causes parents who embrace veganism as a human way of life to preach the benefits and morals to their children. And most kids imitating their parents are bragging that veganism is the new trend.

The Children Who Are Our Future Talking about better choices is integral to building society, however, lack of knowledge can sometimes prove detrimental to those embarking on this journey.

Just as eating processed dairy/meats of dubious origin will have its consequences, eating ultra-processed vegan foods, filled with stabilizers, emulsifiers, colorings and cosmetic additives, won’t do any good either. Advanced technological advances can introduce even more advanced strains of chemicals into foods, as the category of vegan foods is limited.

It would therefore make sense for all parents to educate their children on how to make wise food choices and not just follow the trend.

Help kids choose healthier foods instead of finding vegan alternatives to junk food. When making food choices for you and your family, ask yourself a few questions:

Is it pleasant? Is it sustainable? Is it healthy?

If the answer to all of this is yes, then go for it. Otherwise, stick to what you know and let the trend pass.

A parent’s dilemma will always be what are the best food choices I can make for my child.

Be wise and use the most proven options for your children that have not failed and have been used for decades. Help children get to know the food of their ancestors better, they will have the opportunity to connect to their roots. Understanding the source of where things come from and how things grow is a great way to build a rock solid foundation. They say we are what we eat and that food will never just be about good taste, but also about wellness, health and sustainability. And good food will always have a great story to tell.

Our ancestors were one with the land on which they grew up, ate healthy and lived long. If we live like this, we will give back to the earth every time we take. And that, more than food choices and health trends, will be far more effective in building a healthier planet that continues to improve for all generations to come.

By: Nutritionist Smitha Shetty, Founder of The Smitha Shetty

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