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Salty Vegetable Crumble

You might think of sweet apple-filled desserts when you hear the word crumble, but crumbles can also make great savory dinners!

Our tasty vegan crumble recipe is packed with delicious golden veggies and omega-rich nuts for a healthy vegan meal.

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This savory vegetable crumble recipe is simple to make and baked for an easy vegan dinner recipe.

Plus, this veggie crumble recipe is packed with vitamin A-rich golden carrots, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash.

Adding a delicious depth of flavor, the vegetable crumble is spiced with cinnamon and turmeric, making this a tasty and healthy vegan meal.

Finally, the savory crumble topping is made from a mixture of oats and nuts which gives it a wonderful crispy texture.

We like to serve this vegetable crumble with steamed broccoli and greens to complement the richness of the crumble and spice.

If you’ve never tried a tasty vegetable crumble, add it to your vegan recipe ideas and enjoy a new family favorite vegan meal.