VegaBytz to launch its award-winning, world-class vegan meat products in India

VegaBytz brand (, operated by Functional Foods Pvt, based in Chennai. Ltd, will soon launch its brand and products in India. The company is a pioneer in the development of world-class, award-winning 100% vegan meat products, which are currently sold in the UK market.

VegaBytz’s product range includes ready-to-eat 100% vegan meat/chicken/tuna products, which have been shortlisted as the World’s Best Plant-Based Awards 2020 by Food & Bev, UK.

VegaBytz’s unique and one-of-a-kind, 100% plant-based vegan, meat/chicken/tuna ready-to-eat meal packs and curry range are designed to meet the paradigm shift in the ever-changing preference consumer evolution to high value nutrition and help them eat smart and stay fit.

VegaBytz offers 10 different varieties of vegan meat, chicken and tuna products. These products are perfectly cooked with lemon and herbs/BBQ/Indian style curry and are perfected with better sensory sense, taste and texture, packed in boxes with an easy to open lid and minimal shelf life. 12 months at room temperature.

In addition to vegan meat products, VegaBytz has also developed breakfast cereals, pasta/noodles and healthy snacks, all enriched with a high content of 100% plant-based protein, rich in fiber, immunity without carbohydrates and without sugar. VegaBytz’s product line also includes a ready-to-drink vegan avocado drink fortified with MCTs, which provide instant natural energy and healthy fats.

VegaBytz is the first brand in the world to launch the vegan Chick’n Meal range with Quinoa & Brown Rice and also the first to launch Vegan Meat balls with Spaghetti.

“Our new product development team has extensive expertise and the word ‘good’ is not good enough for them and they always strive to innovate only the best products in taste, texture and feel in Our quality assurance team oversees operations and ensures food safety and consistency with the highest quality and standards, enabling us to consistently deliver high quality food,” says AMK Red, Founder & CEO, Functional Foods Pvt. ltd.

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