Try Vegan Dishes From Baton Rouge This World Vegan Month

Try Vegan Dishes From Baton Rouge This World Vegan Month

Vegan food sometimes has a bad rap, with non-vegans often assuming it’s too restrictive or that the only options are rabbit food and kale.

But with veganism growing in popularity, many local chefs and restaurants are perfecting the art of dairy-free and meat-free foods, whether it’s delicious cashew cheeses, perfectly seasoned tofu or a kind of masterpiece of mixed vegetables. Whether you’re a lifelong vegan or a curious carnivore, there are now plenty of local dishes to impress.

In honor of World Vegan Month, here are five vegan meals to try at local restaurants. But beware, some of them are addictive enough to make you a convert.

The Vegan Meets Soul VLT Sandwich

AT Vegan meets soul, you can buy a vegan snack wherever the food truck spawns or place an order for catering. Try one of owner Brittany Ventress’s signature items, the VLT. It’s the vegan version of BLT, with vegan bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and lemon-basil mayonnaise. Other options to try include BBQ Pulled Vork and VSteak and Lemon Garlic Noodles.

Ava Street Café Vegan Noodle Dishes

You don’t have to look for a vegan restaurant to get these ethical vegetables. Vietnamese restaurant Ava street cafe offers vegan vermicelli noodle dishes, as well as lemongrass tofu with vegan sauce. You shouldn’t be left out if your friends want beef pho and you stick to the vegan options. There is something Pho everyone here.

Curry N Kabab’s Vegan Indian Dishes

Propose jackfruit as a new alternative to meat, Curry N Kabab has vegan options for Tikka Masala, Saag and Nehari. So if you’re craving Indian food, you have great choices for low-key dining or take-out.

Vegan Friendly Foods Baddest Chik Sandwich

Visit Vegan foods if you want lots of options, from Mushroom Steak Soup to Mac and Cheese with Walnut-Based Cheese Sauce to the Baddest Chik Sandwich, a crispy vegan take on chicken sandwiches that might honestly make you believe that you eat the real thing.

Cocha Bahn Mi Spicy Cauliflower

Downtown Restaurant Coca also offers a wide variety of vegan options, from soups and salads to sandwiches. Bahn Mi Spicy Cauliflower can be vegan, with spicy cauliflower, pickled vegetables and vegan sriracha mayonnaise.

Mellow Mushroom’s Vegan Pizza

AT fluffy mushroom, you can make a lot of items vegan by asking to replace certain items, so why not make your own personal vegan pizza? Be sure to order the restaurant’s vegan cheese and ask about the other ingredients as well.

The changing menu of The Dish at White Star Market

The newly opened vegan spot at white star market also has an evolving menu of delicious specialties and desserts. So if you’re in the area, you definitely have to try some of their vegan wraps served on warm pita bread. We promise you this will be a game changer.