Try These Delicious Vegan Dishes in London Before Veganuary Ends

London’s vegan scene has gone from strength to strength in recent years, with plant-based offerings ranging from processed meat-free junk food and ultra-healthy grain salad bowls to innovative dishes from around the world that deserve to be celebrated.

Now, vegans have more dining options than ever in the capital, and even the most vegetarian carnivores can avoid meat, dairy, eggs and honey knowing that the city will offer amazing alternatives. As all vegans know, plant-based eating should be a habit to maintain beyond Veganuary, as it’s one of the most effective (and delicious) ways to do your part to help fight the fight. against the climate crisis.

You do not know where to start ? Here’s a list of the best vegan dishes from London restaurants, including a scrumptious dessert, a pick-and-mix Caribbean treat, a sandwich full of veggies and a crunchy, plant-based version of a Chinese classic. Eating your greens has never tasted so good.

Photo: Hayato Ishida

Vegan miso ramen at Itadaki Zen

With vegan Japanese joint Itadaki Zen at King’s Cross, the base of the miso ramen soup is simmered with shiitake mushrooms and kombu seaweed. This helps create a thick, creamy umami soup that complements the semi-thin ramen noodles that soak up all the flavor. The dish ends with a generous sprinkling of yasai (vegetable) toppings: sautéed vegetables, sweet corn and spring onions. Drink the good stuff.

139 King’s Cross Road, WC1X 9BJ. £9.

Photography: Vegan Tofu
Photography: Vegan Tofu

Vegan wontons at Tofu Vegan

the beloved Impression of Xi’an The Chinese restaurant opposite Arsenal’s stadium has opened a plant-based venue on Upper Street called Vegan Tofu. There, you can dive headfirst into an inviting bowl of fat and juicy wrinkly wonton balls, filled with crunchy diced vegetables, ear mushrooms and vegan hash. They’re drenched in a spicy, fiery red, and deeply flavored broth that’s guaranteed to set your tongue on fire.

105 Upper St., N1 1QN. £8.20.

Eden plate at Eat of Eden

At its six branches (Brixton, Clapham, Shepherd’s Bush, Croydon, Walthamstow and Lewisham), Eating from Eden serves nutritious and flavorful plant-based Caribbean-inspired dishes. Think comforting curries, veggie-laden burgers and patties. Beginners can try a bit of everything with the Eden platter, choosing seven items from a range including ackee, plantain, callaloo, macaroni pie, salads, dumplings, curries, stews, donuts and more. A taste of heaven. Or, indeed, a taste of Eden.

Various places. £16.95.

Photography: Claire Hebert
Photography: Claire Hebert

Bánh xèo in Sen Viet

Bánh xèo is a thin, savory, deep-fried pancake from southern Vietnam that looks like a giant stuffed omelet – but there are no eggs, or animal products, involved in its making, although it is traditionally eaten with a pork or shrimp filling. The version at the vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant Sen Viet in Hoxton contains a mountain of tofu, bean sprouts, onions, mung beans and mushrooms, all nestled in a crisp pancake made with turmeric, coconut milk and rice flour. The best way to eat it is to cut it into small portions, wrap it in a lettuce leaf with fresh herbs, dip it in homemade soy sauce and serve it.

120 Kingsland Road, E2 8DP. £9.90.

Photography: Fatt Pundit
Photography: Fatt Pundit

Vegetable Momos at Fatt Pundit

This month of January, Indochinese restaurant fat expert created a dedicated vegan menu with plant-based versions of popular dishes. Its hearty, flavorful and colorful momo dumplings are presented in steel steamers and are a sight to behold, with their tiny wheat wrappers crinkled to perfection. These plump parcels contain a spinach, mushroom, zucchini and tofu filling that packs a punch, and are served with a selection of spicy chutneys.

77 Berwick St, W1F 8TH and 6 Maiden Lane, WC2E 7NA. £5.50.

Photography: Sam A Harris

Mao Chow Express Sesame Crispy Shrimp Toast

Shrimp toast, this classic Chinese take-out dish, holds a special place in many people’s hearts, but what if we told you that you can take the shrimp out of it? AT Mao Chow Express at Boxpark Shoreditch, the chefs experimented with flavors and textures to create a bold dish using OmniPork, vegan prawns and grilled nori powder, tossed with spices and vegan mayonnaise. The resulting fried wonders are crispy, golden and loaded with sesame seeds. It’s shrimp toast, but not as you know it.

Unit 56 Boxpark, 2-10 Bethnal Green Rd, E1 6GY. £6.50.

Photography: John Carey
Photography: John Carey

Mallow Chocolate Hazelnut Financier

The team behind vegetarian institution Mildreds has expanded its offering and opened a vegan restaurant Mauve at Borough Market. Everything on the menu is tantalizing, but it’s the desserts that are making waves. Typically, a chocolate financier is made with brown butter and eggs, but this pud manages to boast a forgiving sponge and burst with chocolate flavor without the aid of those classic baking ingredients. It is served with salty and crunchy hazelnuts to balance it all out. Really transcendent stuff.

1 Cathedral Street, SE1 9DE. £7.

Photography: Dom's Subs
Photography: Dom’s Subs

The Vegan Dom 2.0 at Dom’s Subs

There are sandwiches and then there are Dom’s submarines. The cult outfit has quietly knocked out some of the capital’s best sandwiches, and this carefully crafted vegan masterpiece is no different. The Vegan Dom 2.0 features colorful layers and contrasting textures. It consists of roasted eggplant marinated in chilli, ginger and garlic, green bean salad, bean sprouts, mint, Thai basil, cilantro and salted black beans, all dipped in a vegan mayo and spicy prik tum vinegar dressing, topped with roasted cashews and wrapped in a semolina sub-roll cooked on the spot. Good luck trying to eat one without dislocating your jaw.

262 Hackney Rd, E2 7SJ and 22b Bevis Marks, EC3A 7JB. £8.

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