Torre Washington’s Vegan Diet and Workout Routine

Torre Washington is a successful “vegan” professional bodybuilder, author, animal rights activist, model, and social media celebrity. The 48-year-old bodybuilder has built his physique strictly on a plant-based diet and doesn’t prefer typical food obsessions like supplementation and calorie tracking.

Thanks to Washington’s mother, who was a devout Seventh-day Adventist, he grew up a vegetarian. In 1998 (in his early twenties), he switched to an all-vegan diet. This change in diet was instead inspired by his Ital Rastafarian beliefs, which Torre wholeheartedly follows.

Early life:

Torre Washington began training at a young age, building an impressive body, despite his vegan diet. However, he never thought of bodybuilding as a career. Everything changed in 2009, when he participated in his first competition – the “SNBFF Open Bodybuilding contest” – and took 3rd place.

“In 2009 I entered my first bodybuilding event and got third place. I was so excited and signed up for another event. I won that show and never stopped “.

Torre Washington’s performance in these competitions sparked his new obsession – professional bodybuilding. Since then, he has made a reputable name for himself in the bodybuilding and fitness industry.

Torre Washington’s Bodybuilding Workout Routine:

The vegan bodybuilder hits the gym regularly while sticking to his vegan diet. Initially, he was told he needed to eat meat for protein, but he ignored the advice.

Washington trains his body at the gym six times a week and does not follow a particular workout routine. Instead, the social media celebrity is simply training the muscles he thinks need to be worked on that day. However, he enjoys circuit training superset training in all major muscle groups including his hamstrings, quads, biceps, triceps and chest. Typically, he performs 12 reps of each exercise on each muscle and rests when the circuit is complete.

He admits he’s not a big fan of cardio, however, he does sprint twice a week. Much like his varied eating style, Torre likes to keep his workouts flexible and goes with his intuition to work on the muscles he feels need work.

Vegan diet:

When it comes to Torre’s diet, he thinks nutrition as a vegan bodybuilder is uncomplicated as he follows a very simple approach to eating. He admits that eating the right amount of calories and protein is crucial if you’re into bodybuilding, but he doesn’t feel right becoming obsessed with it. That’s why he never counts what he eats but still manages to get the right amount of protein from his vegan foods. He likes to eat frequently and always listens to what his body is telling him.

One of his favorite sources of protein is tofu and he often likes to start his day with a bowl of banana tofu. Peanut butter, vegan cereal, and oatmeal are other prominent choices for her breakfast menu. However, when training for a bodybuilding competition, Torre admits to thinking a little more about his diet and especially what he eats for breakfast.

He also likes to add Japanese sweet potatoes and green vegetables to his diet. He prefers broccoli, asparagus, and Brussels sprouts while admitting he can eat just about any green available. To spice up his diet, Torre Washington loves to add cayenne pepper to his food. He believes spicy food helps boost his metabolism and immune system. In an interview, he also said that cayenne pepper was an ingredient he couldn’t live without.

The professional bodybuilder said in an interview that the keys to his successful life are simple. A diet that is not limited, that is varied and that does not give up sweets as well as a good rest to keep your body in perfect shape. He believes it’s easier than ever to try being vegan. Torre Washington also encourages people to be curious about a vegan diet and recommends that they simply “go for it” and start adding more plant-based foods to their daily meals.


Torre Washington is living proof that it is very easy and absolutely possible to develop and maintain a perfect physique without relying on animal products. For Torre, it’s not just a vegan diet, but it’s so much more than that.

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