Top Chef Tom Colicchio Supports Vegan Meat Manufacturing Company

Excellent chef host Tom Colicchio has just given his support to the future plant protein company meat Food: The celebrity chef has revealed he will join the alternative meat producer as an advisor as the company prepares to distribute its innovative mycelium-based product across the United States. As a longtime food activist, Colicchio intends to expand his business to tackle food insecurity through this partnership, helping to make healthy, plant-based foods more accessible to consumers.

“I’m excited to be a part of the journey as they bring their disruptive product to market and have a real global impact,” Colicchio said. “Compared to any product I have seen on the market to date, Meati’s value proposition of providing a nutritious and accessible product with low environmental impact remains unmatched. Your body benefits from Meati’s complete nutrition, while the planet benefits from Meati’s small environmental footprint – it’s something to feel good about.

Meati Foods was launched in 2019 with the mission of developing plant-based proteins that mimic the taste and texture of their animal-based counterparts. The company has spent years crafting a protein, fiber, and micronutrient-packed recipe that delivers delicious, healthy vegan protein. The company decided to adopt the root structure of the mushroom mycelium to create its product selection, providing a pure and clean source for its protein and nutrients.

The food technology company explains that its ingredient mycelium is grown in stainless steel tanks using only sugar, water, and additional nutrients. The sugar is then extracted from the fermented mycelium and the final product is harvested using traditional cheese making techniques. The flavor is enhanced by vegan marinades that enhance the taste of every protein variation. Meati boasts that mycelium resembles muscle tissue, making it an extremely adaptable and innovative new ingredient for plant protein.

“As a chef, I have a keen eye for researching new ingredients and innovations that deliver quality and taste, and I am equally passionate about finding products with the potential to provide complete nutrition in a way. fair and sustainable, ”says the chef. “Meati excels in both of these categories, and I’m excited to be part of the journey as they bring their disruptive product to market and have a real global impact.”

Meati is undertaking a significant expansion of its production following its recent Series B funding round which secured a $ 50 million investment. The Colorado-based food technology company has announced that it is preparing for a nationwide launch in 2022, bringing its mycelium-based products to consumers across the country. The company will work with Colicchio to offer previews of Meati products ahead of its national rollout. The Top Chef star announced via her Instagram that consumers can get a taste of the inventive new proteins.

To prepare for its distribution expansion, the company is working on building its production facility. As a result of the investment program, Meati plans to complete construction of an 80,000 square foot production facility that will produce enough mycelium-based protein to save 4,500 cows per day. Company CEO Tyler Huggins believes this production capacity will help the brand achieve price parity with animal farming at an accelerated pace.

“At the end of the day, we’re introducing a whole new kind of food, a whole new kind of protein,” said CEO and co-founder Tyler Huggins. Forbes. “I want to do this the right way. I want to bring people to the proverbial meat table and have a conversation.

The alternative protein industry should take over the whole protein industry. A report of FAIRR Initiative found that the alternative protein industry is expected to account for about 64 percent of the entire global protein industry. Global market change is driven by changing consumer interests inspired by sustainable and health motivators.

Other renowned chefs around the world have started to support the alternative protein market in recent years, placing plant-based cuisine alongside popular high-end cuisine. Chef Dominique Crenn recently announced that she will be presenting Foods upside down‘has grown meat in her restaurant Atelier Crenn, marking the first time she will include meat on her menus since 2019. Crenn joins several Michelin-level chefs and restaurants in a shift towards sustainability in gastronomy.

High-end vegetable proteins are a growing market around the world. Israel-based food technology company Redefining meat recently won the support of celebrity chef Marco Pierre White among several renowned chefs. The chef has announced that he will start bringing the whole plant-based 3D printed steaks to his UK restaurants. The premium plant-based steak is set to make its debut in the United States as its production capabilities continue to expand and chefs like White endorse the brand and its mission.

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