TikTok mom slammed for feeding her baby a vegan diet

It’s a regime riot.

TikTokers exploded in outrage earlier this week after user Tasj Rose posted a video of herself with her soft-cheeked 7-month-old baby Oak, stating that she plans to raise her vegan daughter.

“[Babies] need meat in their diet, ”chided a digital detractor of The Plant-Fed Mother, who has more than 14,000 followers and has caught criticism all week. “It has absolutely nothing to do with the best [for your baby] – it is you who are selfish.

In response, an undeterred Rose hit back at disparagers of the vegan baby diet with several sassy clips.

“She is well groomed, happy and healthy. That’s all that matters #VeganBaby, ”Rose captioned a recent video, slamming demands online for child welfare services to take Oak into their care for fear that she might be malnourished. Her post, which has garnered more than 25,000 views, is set to the song “Title” by Meghan Trainor, on which the pop star insolently invites enemies to “kiss my a – – goodbye. “

And Rose doesn’t back down.

British mom Tasj Rose and baby Oak. After Rose posted a video on TikTok indicating her intention to raise her vegan daughter, TikTokers exploded in outrage.
tasjrose / Instagram

Is breast milk vegan?

“I love animals and I don’t agree to using them for our own means,” Rose, 25, told The Post. She claims that Oak gets all of her essential nutrients from her daily diet of fruits, vegetables, beans and seeds.

Rose, a stay-at-home mom and video content creator from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, is also breastfeeding Oak, which she says doesn’t conflict with her vegan values. “I believe cow’s milk is for baby cows and human milk is for human babies,” said Rose – who has breastfed her daughter since birth and completely transitioned from vegetarianism to veganism at the end of 2021.

“I am able to consent to whoever drinks or takes my milk, animals are not. “

And she isn’t fazed by the negative attention she’s received recently. “My honest reaction to the people who threaten [me and my daughter] because I chose to follow a herbal diet is that they are uneducated and [have] ill-informed opinions with no evidence or research to back them up, ”Rose said.

Healthy or harmful?

For her, a study from November 2021 by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics stated that “well-planned vegetarian and vegan eating habits can be healthy and appropriate for all stages of the life cycle, including for infants and toddlers.”

Another study, conducted in Poland and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in June 2021, is a little less clear-cut. While researchers have found that “children on a vegan diet have a healthier cardiovascular profile and less body fat than their omnivorous peers ”, they are also at greater risk for health problems that“ affect bone growth, mineral content and micronutrient status ”.

This study goes on to say that children on a vegan diet were on average 3 centimeters shorter, had 4 to 6 percent less bone minerals, and were more than three times more likely to be vitamin B-12 deficient than children. omnivorous. At the same time, they also had 25% lower levels of low density lipoprotein (the unhealthy form of cholesterol) and lower levels of body fat.

The seemingly healthy diet can, in fact, be dangerous. In 2019, a vegan couple in Florida was indicted in the death of their 18 month old son who died of malnutrition due to an extreme and exclusive diet of mangoes, rambutans, bananas and avocados – which lacked protein and other nutrients needed to maintain a healthy vegan diet, especially for children in full growth.

Rose, 25, with Oak, 7 months old, in a screenshot by TikTok.
Rose, 25, with Oak, 7 months old, in a screenshot by TikTok. She doesn’t back down from criticism and told The Post: “My honest reaction to those who threaten [me and my daughter] because I chose to follow a herbal diet is that they are uneducated and [have] ill-informed opinions without evidence or research to back them up.

And while experts say the vegan lifestyle can be safe for babies, they insist parents make sure their children are getting all the vitamins and minerals they need.

“A well-balanced vegan diet is definitely safe for babies,” said Ayelet Goldhaber, registered dietitian at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital in NYU Langone. “The baby will certainly thrive and grow as well as a non-vegan baby as long as the parents intend to ensure that the baby consumes foods rich in iron, calcium and protein like spinach, lentils. , tofu, and vegan dairy products like almonds. – or oat-based yogurts.

And Rose has said she’s up for the challenge and wants her keyboard critics to see it’s possible.

“I hope to educate people about plant-based diets,” she said. “I want to show them that it is healthy, and possible to do for themselves and also for their children.”