This Bay Area Vegan Food Festival Returns

The Bizerkeley Vegan Food Festival debuted in 2021 with sold-out ticket sales and massive, marked crowds

Photo: Courtesy of Jeff Littman Photography and Alex Jordan

Jhe Bay Area is arguably the crux of California food – a convergence of healthy lifestyles and cooking techniques that meet and mingle to create a gourmet oasis. Berekely, in particular, played a major role in this axiomatic existence, so it is surprising that it was only this time last year that the municipality had never organized a food festival dedicated to vegan dishes. .

And because of Bizerkely Vegan Food Festivalthe phenomenally successful first broadcast, the herbal event is set to return this summer.

“The response to the first Bizerkeley Food Festival has been overwhelming, so I’m absolutely thrilled to be returning to Sports Basement Berkeley for another year,” said Erika Hazel, founder of the Bizerkeley Vegan Food festival and hyperlocal blog of the same name. it takes its name from bold italics in an email. “The event will once again bring the community together – vegan and non-vegan.”

Hazel announced earlier this week that the second annual Bizerkeley Food Festival will be held on Sunday July 3 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the same location as last year. It will also feature more than double the number of on-site vendors than last year – more than 40 businesses are expected to be in attendance for the 2022 event, which will include both new and returning local vendors – as well as entertainment shows , wellness and education workshops, and craft stations for craft and healthy vibes.

Photo: Courtesy of Jeff Littman Photography and Alex Jordan

Complementary, very cute, fun and fresh products will be available to take away for all participants; freebies should place even more freebies in the hands of a lucky few. (For the drinking-aged adults among us [which Google Analytics quantifies at least 87% of our readership]free hard kombucha will be given out to those with valid IDs.)

And just like in 20201, the Berekzeley Vegan Food Festival will also help raise funds for Friends of Berkeley Animal Care Services.

“We are happy to once again partner with a local cause such as the beloved Berkeley Animal Sanctuary,” Hazel continues. “It is important for us to be aware of how best to support our community and improve the lives of animals in all aspects.”

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The animal shelter will have its own station at the festival, complete with a ‘dog kissing booth’ and silent auction – with 100% of the proceeds from the bidding going directly to the organisation. Plus…much of the art/goods featured in said auction will feature both Black and LGBTQ-owned businesses, in addition to businesses started by young entrepreneurs.

Photo: Courtesy of Jeff Littman Photography and Alex Jordan

After 2021 disappointed us by effectively being a lukewarm repeat of 2020, we hope we can (finally) enjoy the upcoming summer festivities – plant-based or not.