The spiciest vegan dishes in Los Angeles

Food truck

If you have an Instagram account, chances are you’ve scrolled through some glamorous photos of these tasty deals! What’s the spiciest thing they have? Their Tenders or Sando tossed in Reaper + flavor with a side of spicy garlic sauce! I feel hot, hot, hot!


Need to open your sinuses, catch a cold or warm up with a spicy soup? The Menudo at this all-vegan place is the perfect medicinal meal for you! This traditional Mexican soup is made vegan with tofu, non-GMO soy curls, hominy, guajillo, and California peppers – the texture is awesome! For extra spice in your life, order the fiery Oyster Tacos with fried oyster mushrooms, jalapeños, red cabbage, fresh tomatoes, green onions, cilantro, tangy aioli and cashew sauce. with coriander and lime!


What’s the best way to get your vegetables in? Make them spicy! If you order the FuegoLote from Modern Times, you will undoubtedly feel the heat! It’s spicy elote (Mexican grilled corn) with habanero lime mayonnaise, charred Serrano butter, pickled jalapeños, and homemade Arbol chili tajin. Feel the burn!

North Hollywood

Lotus Vegan doesn’t make fun of the spices in its all-vegan Thai dishes! Their Pra Sam Rod, or ‘Fish of Three Flavors’, is a breaded and fried vegan fish topped with red peppers, onions, pineapple, and a sauce made from three different heat components. You choose your spice level from one to five. The spiciest level has five peppers next to the name, so if that’s any indication you know it’s pure fire !! If you’re feeling brave, you can ask for it even spicier with more Thai chili!

North Hollywood

Fancy some good old southern heat? Order the Cajun Spicy Jambalaya at Krimsey’s! These are Cajun spiced rice, red beans, black-eyed peas, peppers, onions, garlic, and vegetarian sausage slices topped with fresh green onions, red cabbage, and spicy sauce. by Krimsey. Fire Emoji x 100 !!

Arts district

Boost your burrito with a little heat by ordering the Barbacoa Burrito at this internationally inspired vegan restaurant! Inside a toasted flour tortilla is pea and soy based chicken, simmered nopales, raw corn, green peas, red onions, tomatoes, mixed greens, peppers fresh serrano, braised biryani rice, garlic mayonnaise and homemade Barbacoa sauce. What’s in the Barbacoa sauce? Chipotle, Cayenne and Aleppo peppers –– ow owww! Everything is made to order, so don’t hesitate to ask for more heat and stock up on the sauce!

Food truck

Find your way to Tennessee with this Nashville-style Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich from this vegan food truck! The brains behind We are the Vegan Hooligans and Tehuanita 2.0 run the truck, so you know they can bring heat! Their iconic sandwich can be ordered in Original or Rockin ‘style with any level of spice you want! This is a handmade seitan chick patty dipped in a Nashville sauce with a layer of vegan mayo, pickles and creamy coleslaw served on an artisan onion bun. If you order it super spicy, they’ll add a double dose of cayenne pepper, habanero, and Carolina Reaper hot sauce! Find them on Instagram for their weekly locations!


If you’re looking to spice up your burger game, order the Felipe from this vegan pop-up! It’s a spicy burger with sriracha, jalapeños and the option to add Serrano peppers! Be sure to order their Oreo Creamy Cold Shake to refresh your tongue! We hope you haven’t lost all sense of taste because of the spiciness, because this shake is sweeeettt !!!


Lose yourself in the sauce with the Spicy Wet Burrito at this all-vegan Mexican fusion restaurant! Order their burrito with your choice of soyrizo, seitan Asada or jackfruit pollo for protein and coat it in sauce! What’s in the sauce? Chili de Arbol and other secret spices – we can’t turn it all around, it’s mom’s secret recipe!


What’s new and new at this vegan place? Hot cabbage! These are breaded, oven-baked cauliflower florets topped with a hot Nashville-style seasoning. To turn up the heat, add their homemade hot sauce made with a variety of peppers including Ghost, Carolina Reaper, Habanero peppers, and more! They also have vegan chickpea wings! All of their restaurant is Gluten Free, GMO Free, High Fructose Corn Syrup, MSG Free, Soy Free and Hot!


Sugar Taco isn’t just horchata lattes and extra guac when you order their Ghost Taco! It’s a black tortilla filled with Pollo Diablo, diced ghost peppers, and it’s so spicy you have to sign a waiver! It costs $ 6.66, so if you’re superstitious, be sure to order additional sides and desserts to change the final cost. Even if you’re not superstitious, still order more food, it’s damn good! They’re having a big ghost taco tasting contest on October 30th with a grand prize of $ 1,000!

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The title of this spicy menu item reads: “KILLER LATKE !!!!!!!!!!! CAUTION: REALLY SPICY! NOT FOR CUR FISHERMEN! »Why so many exclamation marks? This crispy potato pancake is loaded with hot three-chili sauce, Carolina Reaper pepper powder, blue cheese and chives. If you can finish it, they will buy it for you! Or if you’re feeling daring, sign up for their monthly Killer Latke Challenge! You need to eat as many killer little latkes as possible in under 6:66 – but be warned, our staff have tried this dish, and it’s no joke! Our advice: ask for almond milk and vegan ice cream, you will need it! Good luck!