The boss of vegan meat attacks the COP26 for serving “irresponsible” beef

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Heura food activists and co-founders Marc Coloma and Bernat Añaños have found a unique way to shed light on the facts through projection mapping of George Square, a district of Glasgow. Credit: Bernat Ananos, Heura

A key figure in the growing vegan meat brand, Heura Foods, has denounced the organizers of COP26, calling it “irresponsible” to serve beef at the event.

Bernat Añaños Martinez is the co-founder and marketing director of the company.

And in a heated speech at the UN summit on the climate crisis this week, he lamented organizers for not centralizing meat consumption in the debate.

“Irresponsible” food choices, according to Heura Foods

“Animal meat is obsolete. It makes no sense in this century, it’s over, ”he said.

But despite this, the food industry is one of the few global sectors that has not evolved by taking meat off the table. In fact, it’s worse because of the way we treat animals, he added.

Martinez added: “This is why it is very surprising at COP26 that we are not discussing this. This is one of the main topics… food should be the focus.

“It’s very irresponsible that beef is served in this restaurant, it just doesn’t make sense.”

“Can you imagine going to a cancer conference and handing out cigarettes? It wouldn’t make sense. We are at a conference on the climate emergency!

Climate emergency

Heura Foods is a Spanish brand of vegan meat with a mission to transform the current food system by making it more sustainable and healthy.

The “tool” is plant-based meat, and all we need to do is make it more available, according to Martinez.

He ended his speech at COP26 by declaring: “We vote three times a day, we humans and we can decide what impact we have on the world.

“We have enough information to start moving forward to have a plant-based diet and have a better world for animals, the planet and ourselves. So let’s move on. “

Direct action at COP26 2021

Co-founders Marc Coloma and Bernat Añaños also found a unique way to shed light on the facts through projection mapping of George Square, an area of ​​Glasgow long known for its political events and activism, demanding that world leaders recognize the environmental impact of today’s obsolete food. system.

“With the support of our Good Rebel community, we decided to take a stand and release the elephant into the room, through a large-scale map projection designed to raise awareness and demand change,” said Bernat, food activist and co-founder of Heura. Añanos. “Our goal is not only to get the attention of powerful government officials having closed-door conversations, but also to empower people around the world to vote with their fork. Because at Heura, we understand that every meal is an opportunity to bring about a positive change on the planet.