The Best Vegan Foods in LA’s Inland Empire

It’s pretty easy to find the best vegan restaurants in the area with a simple Yelp or Google search, but what about once you get there? How do you make sure you don’t receive important FOMO food if you order the wrong thing? Here’s a list of some of EI’s best food, chosen by the locals, so you can be sure you’re getting the best meal no matter where you go.


Beleaf’s burgers are some of the best in the game. While they have plenty of fried chicken sandwiches, loaded fries, and Korean corn dogs, their simple OG burger can’t be beat. And if you’re going to order a burger… you might as well make a double! Made with two seasoned Beyond Meat patties, American cheese, caramelized onions and all the classic burger toppings (including a homemade spread), this burger will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds. Make it a combo with fries and a drink for just $ 3.25, and grab some of their homemade “pink peppercorn” sauces for dipping, and you’re good to go.


Organic Junkie is an all-vegan quick-serve cafe in Corona with acai bowls, smoothies, and paninis. Everything they serve is delicious, but the highlight of the menu is definitely the ceviche. Made with hearts of palm, avocado, and all the lime-soaked tomatoes, onions and cilantro your heart desires, this seafood substitute is next level. The dish is served with two tostadas (or cucumber boats if you’re looking for something lighter) and is the perfect refreshing meal on a hot day.

Organic junkie

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Rancho Cucamonga

This new all-vegan burger joint has locations scattered across LA and IE, but the menu is filled with the same solid range no matter where you go. Their Truffle Shuffle is the highlight here, featuring a handcrafted truffle aioli sauce on a Lightlife patty, Good Planet cheese, and all the classic burger fixings you can’t live without. Served on a chewy brioche bun dripping with truffle oil, this burger tastes like something you’d order from a hip gourmet pub for $ 21, so the $ 11.95 price tag looks like a steal.

Impeccable Burgers

Rancho Cucamonga

Another of IE’s OG vegan restaurants, Bright Star has been serving Thai-inspired vegan fare for over a decade. The menu is extensive, with countless appetizers, curries, and rice and noodle dishes to choose from. Bright Star Orange Chicken is its namesake for a reason, and one of their most popular dishes. Made with breaded soy protein, deep-fried and mixed with a sweet and spicy orange frosting, this dish is talking about all the locals. Come during lunch hours (11 am-3pm), when the dish is served with salad, steamed rice, and miso soup for just $ 8.99!

Bright Star Thai Vegan

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As the only raw vegan restaurant in the Inland Empire, Auraganic has a loyal following, and for good reason! Along with their cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and acai bowls, Auraganic has a variety of prepared raw vegan dishes. The highlight is the Norito, a seaweed “tortilla” stuffed with avocado, a creamy spread with almonds, tomato, lettuce and basil. The homemade almond spread is what sets this dish apart, and it’s a shame you can’t order it in gallon-sized portions. If seaweed isn’t your thing, they have plenty of other raw dishes, from pizza and pasta to bowls full of vegetables. All of their raw foods are ready to eat, so this is the perfect place for a quick and healthy lunch break!

Hurricane juice


If you’re looking for authentic Chinese food that just happens to be vegan, you’ve come to the right place with House of Fortune. The restaurant has an extensive menu filled with tasty soups, dumplings, noodles and mock meats in every form you can imagine. One of their bestsellers is the Baked Meat Bun, a homemade bun filled with minced vegan meat, jalapenos and cilantro. While most of the dishes here are big enough to share (and have leftovers!), You’re going to want to order one for yourself… trust us on this one. And since we know you’re going to want to order more, General Tso’s vegetarian chow mein and chicken (made with button mushrooms) are honorable mentions at this place.

House of Fortune

Several locations

As the OG vegan fast food spot in SoCal, Plant Power hits the spot no matter what you order. But their breakfast menu (served until 11am) holds hidden gems that are often overlooked. The Sausage, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich is one of the best portable devices and comes with your choice of an English muffin or croissant. Be sure to grab a side of syrup or your favorite sauce (we love honey mustard!)

Vegetable-powered fast food


Monty’s is known as the vegan version of In-N-Out, with most of their simple menu consisting of burgers, fries, and milkshakes. While their classic burger is one of the best in the game, the secret menu features the Dog Pile: a ship of fries and toddlers that’s topped with two Impossible patties, melted Follow Your Heart cheese, grilled onions. and drizzle of everything. Single. one of their five homemade sauces. Add a root beer milkshake or float on the way out, and you’ll find yourself in an epic vegan food coma.

by Monty

Build your own bowl: Pepo Melo


Pepo Melo is far from your staple acai bowl joint. They offer more than a dozen different bases, so even if you don’t like acai, they will have something for you (personally, we go for the Blue Majik: pineapple, mango, coconut and spirulina). The order is fully customizable, so you can load up whatever base you want with unlimited homemade toppings, fruits, and drizzle for a fixed price. Some of our favorite toppings include Macadamia Nut Chia, Gluten Free Granola, Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder, and Goji Berries. Don’t miss the cocoa or homemade date caramel fillets for a sweet finish. Everything in the store is vegan except for the honey products, so there are endless options for a healthy meal at Pepo Melo!

Pepo Melo


Ashirwad The Blessings is one of EI’s premier vegetarian restaurants, serving authentic Indian cuisine since 2012. While some of their dishes contain dairy, just about anything can be made vegan… just ask! Their daal palak has been a local favorite for almost a decade. Made with lightly spiced farm-fresh spinach cooked in an onion and lentil sauce, this is a hearty and healthy meal that will satisfy any palate. To make it vegan, just get it without butter. Be sure to order a few sides of naan to accompany!


This vegetarian restaurant offers a half Mexican menu and half sushi menu. If you thought ordering a spicy dragon roll in the same place you order a California burrito is weird… you just haven’t tried Madre Tierra. Come for breakfast burritos and nachos, but stick around for their most popular appetizer: hummingbirds. This dish includes jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and vegan crab meat, then breaded in tempura and deep-fried before drizzled with spicy mayo, eel sauce and green onions, and you’ll probably see some one on each table.

Madre Tierra


This award-winning cupcake shop always offers at least two vegan options. One flavor changes every month, but you can still find the Vegan Kona Coffee Cupcake on the menu, and it’s one of their best items (vegan or not!). It’s made with a moist chocolate and coconut cake and whipped kona coffee mousse dipped in coffee crumbs and topped with toasted coconut flakes. The cupcake comes in either full or mini size, and you can order ahead for easy pickup on their website.

My Delight Cupcakes

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While Pomona isn’t technically part of EI, this authentic vegetarian Mexican restaurant is a staple of the local community. Since they are on the edge of the IE border, we had to include them!

This authentic Mexican vegetarian restaurant in Pomona has plenty of vegan options, but their $ 1.35 street tacos are a tough deal to pass up. Your choice of meat is stacked in a double corn tortilla with onions, cilantro and green salsa. Meat options include several options based on soy (asada, al pastor, and chorizo), cabbage-based chicken, or our favorite, papa con nopal (potatoes and cacti). Make sure you hit them on Taco Tuesday, when the tacos are just 99 cents each!

Borreguitas Bar Express