Thanh Tinh Chay, GreensPlease in Poway makes a Yelp listing

SAN DIEGO — Whether you’re looking for vegan options everywhere you go or just sampling the plant-based dishes, foodies in San Diego have access to one of the best options in the country, according to Yelp.

Restaurant Thanh Tinh Chaylocated next to Herbert Hoover Secondary School in the Talmadge area, ranks fourth on the online rating society’s list of best vegan restaurants in the usa and Canada.

This ranking was based on a variety of factors, including the number of reviews on Yelp’s platform and the positivity of those reviews. On Wednesday afternoon, Thanh Tinh Chay had a five-star average for its nearly 500 reviews.

The small shop offers an extensive menu of over 100 authentic Vietnamese dishes. The chefs prepare eggless noodles, tofu and bread on site. The restaurant also prepares its own mock meat, which serves as the high point of many dishes.

Critics adored the BBQ “pork” banh mi sandwich, the crispy eggplant “chicken”, the vegan flan and the “mooncakes” – delicious gluten-free desserts with flavors of fresh taro and fresh coconut. The restaurant proudly presented its Kung Pao “beef” and crispy “shrimp” on instagram.

Like many of your favorite Thai or Vietnamese joints in town, you can select a spicy level from 1-10 for most dishes. And everyone knows that even a four or a five can bring heat, depending on your taste.

“Best Vietnamese food I’ve ever had,” wrote a Yelp reviewer, identified as Nang N. “Whether you’re vegan or not, it would be hard for anyone not to love the food.

“If I could give 6 stars, I would! I’ve been vegan for 10 years now, and this is BY FAR the best vegan food in San Diego,” said Angelo C., of Kearny Mesa. “They make their own meats AND bread, you can’t go wrong with that. All the flavors are amazing and go so well together.

Reached by phone, a representative said the family restaurant appreciates the support and is proud to serve such satisfied customers.

Dishes and juices on a table at GreensPlease in Poway, which Yelp has rated one of the best vegan restaurants in the United States and Canada. (Photo: Nikki B. via Yelp)

The boutique is located at 4591 boulevard El Cajon and is open from 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. approximately every day, except Wednesday, when it closes. You can place orders over the phone with the restaurant and find it on several delivery apps. Learn more about Thanh Tinh Chay website.

Another San Diego restaurant deciphered Yelp’s Top 100 Vegan Restaurants list: Greens please, a charming shop in Poway serving juices, smoothies and coffees as well as savory dishes. The store, located at 12202 Poway Road, ranked 54th on the rating company’s list.

GreensPlease’s complete entrees include a bowl of Southwestern chickpeas and vegan nachos. Among the boutique’s specialty drinks, green smoothies are complemented by wellness shots, cold brews and juice cleanses.

“The flavor is to die for. I wish I could eat here everyday because honestly I would be the happiest, healthiest person to walk this beautiful land,” Sarah C. said in a recent review.

Yelp recently brought to light both restaurants in recognition of Earth Day, which is fast approaching on April 22. Experts say they are even partially adopting a plant-based food can benefit the environmentbecause of the way cattle grazing and other meat farming practices produce greenhouse gases.