Taco Bell tests new vegan meat product in Detroit

Taco Bell is the latest fast food chain to jump into the Basin of herbal products and substitutes, delighting many vegan and vegetarian customers.

People who don’t eat meat still enjoyed some of Taco Bell’s foods, as the chain has long offered refried beans and black beans as an alternative to meat. But now they are taking the official step towards a more vegan menu by testing a meat substitute In their Detroit locations.

They also create a Cravetarian menu, their new plant-based menu which will feature this vegan meat substitute alongside others vegan favorites, such as Nachos BellGrande, Burrito Supreme, Crunchwrap Supreme and Crunchy Taco Supreme.

They will be testing this new menu in some locations in Detroit until November 10. If all goes well, hopefully they are planning to expand this option to all locations.

This is great news for vegans around the world, as many have access to a Taco Bell, making tasty vegan options even more accessible than before.

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