Spain has just received its largest range of vegan meats and cheeses to date. And there are almost 50 products.

Spanish food brand Flax & Kale, owned by hotel and food company Teresa Carles Healthy Foods, is launching the widest range of plant-based meats and cheeses ever produced in Spain. The range includes 14 vegan meat products and 31 vegan cheese products which will soon be available in major Spanish supermarkets as well as major restaurants and online.

The range is produced in Spain and includes vegan beef and chicken in different formats, including burgers, croquettes, nuggets, meatballs and marc. Vegan cheeses include gouda, cheddar, and mozzarella and they are sliced, cubed, and grated; as well as a Philadelphia-style cream cheese spread, a blend of four grated cheeses and mozzarella fingers.

The new range was created after three years of research and development led by vegetarian chef Teresa Carles. The development process has focused on taste, texture and overall experience with the aim of offering a sensory experience identical to meats and cheeses of animal origin. The products also aim to provide the same feel under a knife, along with smoothness, melt and elasticity. The vegan cheese production process mimics the process of conventional dairy cheese and includes plant-based milk made from dried fruits to help replicate the taste, texture and nutritional content of dairy products. Flax & Kale Cream Cheese, for example, is a fermented cheese with 99% less saturated fat than its dairy counterpart and is also a source of plant protein. Flax & Kale has tested the sustainability and consumer experience of its products in its own restaurants in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Lleida.

Committed to sustainability

The company is committed to sustainable development, which has led it to be the first healthy food and restaurant group in Spain to obtain the international B Corp accreditation, which means that it balances its objective and its benefits, taking into account the impact of its business decisions on its workers, customers and suppliers. , the community and the environment. In addition, the new line of vegan meat and cheese products is packaged with 90% less plastic than conventional products and has less impact on the environment as it is 100% locally produced.

“At Flax & Kale, what we want is to transform the world of food with our own plant-based products: a wide range of products developed by our in-house research and development team and entirely manufactured in our factory. de Lleida which are destined to revolutionize the market with healthy, tasty and sustainable foods, ”said Jordi Barri, CEO of Teresa Carles Healthy Foods. “Our ambition is to become a leader in the vegetable market in Spain in the coming years with a very diversified range and really competitive prices, which we can offer thanks to 100% local production and significant investments in recent years in the latest generation industrial production lines. This launch is just the first step in that direction, and there will be many more in the months to come. “VegNews.FlaxandKaleVeganMealsSpain

Veganism is here to stay

Teresa Carles Healthy Foods has decided to expand her Flax & Kale brand with this new vegan range because she believes plant-based foods are a long-term trend that is here to stay, not only in Spain but around the world. whole. Although the vegan cheese market in Spain only has a 2% market share penetration, the company sees huge potential for non-dairy products. According to the company, vegan meat is a more mature market with more produce available in the country and it has recently received a boost with restaurant and fast food chains adding plant protein options to their menus.

Other Spanish brands are helping to develop the plant sector in the country. Barcelona-based Heura (formerly known as Foods for Tomorrow) has launched a variety of products, including vegan chicken, burgers, meatballs and pizza, since the company was founded in 2017. Earlier this year, Heura announced that it had increased by 450%. in 2020 and currently offers its products in 3,000 points of sale in Spain, Andorra, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong, Chile and the United Kingdom.

In February, Heura secured an investment of $ 271,000 from the Spanish government-backed NEOTEC program of the Industrial Technological Development Center. Through this two-year program, the company plans to continue its mission of democratizing access to plant-based foods in Spain and beyond.

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