Simply Vegan Podcast: Vegan First Christmas

Kicking off another special edition of Global Vegan Month, Holly and Molly review Sacla’s new beet pizza bases, Sust’s healthy and sustainable shakes, and Sust’s new Orange Chocolate Thins.

The girls also discuss Facebook trolls, the news that a plant-based diet is cheaper than a meat-based diet, and their thoughts on Claridge’s chef Daniel Humm who resigned after a disagreement over his visions of a vegan future.

Your question this week is about being vegan at Christmas – how can we avoid discomfort and disagreement and have to take our own food to eat? Email your questions to Holly, Molly and herbal health professionals at [email protected]

Finally, Holly shares one of her favorite and super easy recipes from the wonderful Fearne Cotton’s Happy vegan recipe book.

Tune in Thursday to meet Day Radley from the Vegan Chef School, who discusses the rise of veganism, cooking from scratch on a budget, vegan nutrition and more.

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