Plant-based alternatives to ease the transition to a more vegan diet

The New Year is a time of transformation, and some are choosing to transform into a more plant-based lifestyle.

Veganuary is a 31-day challenge to try the vegan diet for January; it started as a charity in Europe according to the association’s website. The vegan diet is devoid of dairy, eggs, meat, and animal by-products.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the second annual vegan festival was hosted in Fayetteville by the owners of Prima Elements downtown. The event offered Fayetteville residents a way to try a variety of vegan foods without having to drive to the Raleigh-Durham area more than an hour away.

Silk brand soy milk is an option for plant milk.

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There is currently only one fully vegan food truck in Fayetteville, The Vegan Spot.

With many vegan restaurants further afield, people looking to switch to a plant-based lifestyle may find it more difficult. Here are a few products that can make the transition easier, however, and most of them can be found in grocery stores in the Fayetteville area, including Sprouts, Harris-Teeter, Food Lion, Walmart, and Publix.


There are many alternatives to plant-based milk, the most well-known of which are almond milk and soy milk. There’s also coconut milk, a version of which is made by Silk, flaxseed milk by Good Karma, hemp milk by Pacific Foods, and cashew milk by Silk. Depending on the size and sales, these milks can start as low as $ 3.

Impossible, plant-based burgers can be found in the meat aisle of many grocery stores.

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One of the biggest hesitations people have when making the transition to a plant-based diet is giving up the flavor of the meat they’ve grown to love.

There are many alternatives to meat for every meal of the day.

There is vegan bacon sold by companies like Sweet Earth, Lightlife, and Morningstar Farms. There are also vegan sausages offered by brands such as Beyond Meat, Gardien, Morningstar Farms, Lightlife, and Impossible meat. Depending on the size, these products can start at around $ 3.

Brands like Boca, Gardein, Sweet Earth, Beyond Meat, Morningstar Farms and Impossible Meat offer multiple options for lunch and dinner, from “chicken” burgers and patties to “fish” fillets and meatballs. Depending on the size, these products can start between $ 4 and $ 5.

The Tofurkey brand also offers vegan deli slices for sandwiches, which can start from $ 3, and flavored holiday roasts like turkey and ham, which can range anywhere from $ 7 to $ 10.

Chobani has a yogurt made from oat milk.


Yogurt is a quick and easy breakfast snack that many choose quickly. There are several yogurt options for those moving to a plant-based lifestyle.

The So Delicious brand offers flavors ranging from lime to strawberry made with coconut milk. The Silk brand offers yogurt flavors ranging from vanilla to blueberry made with soy or almond milk. Oatly also offers plant-based yogurt made from oat milk. Personal size mugs can start at under $ 2.

Violife makes a vegan version of feta cheese.


Whether it’s topping pasta or making pizza, cheese can be a snack or a ready-made meal and makes people hesitate to ditch it for a vegan lifestyle.

Brands such as Miyoko’s, Violife, Daiya, Field Roast Chao, So Delicious, Follow Your Heart and Go Veggie offer a variety of cheeses in multiple forms. Depending on the shape of the cheese, some of these cheeses can start at around $ 4.

Brands such as Miyoko’s, Violife, Kite Hill and Daiya also offer cream cheese.

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Ben & Jerry's offers plant-based versions of some of their most popular ice creams.


After a good meal, some people like to enjoy something sweet, a popular choice would be ice cream.

On a plant-based diet, ice cream is still just candy. Well-known ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s has launched its non-dairy pints made from almond milk. Some of the classic flavors, including Phish Food, Americone Dream, Cookie Dough, and Cherry Garcia, are available in non-dairy pints.

Favorite Day, sold at Target, also offers vegetable ice cream flavors. Oatly offers ice cream made from oat milk. So Delicious and Daiya also have frozen vegan dessert options.

All of these options can start at around $ 4 to $ 6.

The options for the herbal community continue to grow over time. You can now even find microwave meals.

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