Oxfordshire County Council votes to only serve vegan food at events

the Oxfordshire County Council adopted a rule that only allows vegan food to be served at official events. The idea was raised in order to set an example in the fight against climate change and global warming.

the reading the decision, “This council recognizes that the global production of meat and dairy products contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation and that reducing the consumption of these foods is a key element in the fight against climate change. climate change. The government’s independent committee on climate change recommends that meat consumption be reduced by one-fifth and that public bodies should promote plant-based foods. This and avoiding food waste are powerful ways to reduce carbon emissions. In addition, in the UK, only 18% of children eat the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, and most young people ‘s diet lacks fiber. Providing attractive plant-based school meals as well as education on healthy and climate-positive food choices are great ways to address these issues.

With this decision, the events of Oxfordshire County Council will not be herbal caterer food.

The decision met with some opposition from other board members who are not following a plant-based diet. Other than that, this is great news and it sets an example for other city council members to adopt more plant-based foods in their diets.

This is a tremendous progress, as animal agriculture is an important part of climate change and needs to be addressed more frequently. They are now setting a positive example for citizens and aligning their actions with their climate goals.

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