Nigella Lawson followed a vegan diet for two weeks before she “suddenly needed eggs”

Nigella Lawson admitted that she was only able to follow a vegan diet for two weeks before she started craving eggs.

The television cook and cookbook author said Sunday Times she felt “very exhausted” after two weeks of trying to become a vegan.

She said that while she respects the views of those who subscribe to an all-plant diet, she believes humans “have teeth for meat.”

The Cook, eat, rehearse The author said, “I can’t be vegan, even though I like vegetables. I do not see the interest.

“I’m very happy that I don’t eat so much meat, but I love it.”

Lawson said that after trying to go vegan for two weeks, she felt like she “needed eggs, all of a sudden.”

Nutrient-rich eggs contain proteins, vitamins and minerals that are difficult to reproduce on a vegan diet. They are considered a “complete” source of protein and are rich in nutrients that support good heart health.

However, in recent years a number of vegan egg products have been developed which contain vitamins such as B12. Other alternatives, such as aquafaba and tofu, have grown in popularity.

Lawson, who regularly praises people’s attempts to cook her recipes on Twitter, said she didn’t see how plant-based foods were “better for you” due to “intensive factory manufacturing. “.

“As far as I’m concerned, I want to eat properly and I don’t want to lecture anyone because I feel like, well, I’m holding on to the thing that we have teeth for meat and so it’s natural for we want to eat it, ”she said.

“I know this is an argument that a lot of vegans disagree with… I respect that position but I feel like I’m not ready.”

Nutritionist Eva Humphries said The independent earlier this month, vegan meat substitutes fall under the ultra-processed food category and may lack nutrients more readily available in meat.

She said: “From a nutritional standpoint, we need to do a lot more to make meat substitutes on par with real meat. But I am definitely referring to high quality sources of meat and wouldn’t say that it is necessary to eat meat every day.

Samantha Calvert, from the Vegan Society, said Sunday Times that there was no reliable evidence that vegans consumed more ultra-processed foods than anyone else, adding that “the healthiest and cheapest vegan diet is cooked from scratch and focuses on fruits and fresh vegetables as well as beans and legumes ”.