Newly released vegan dishes you need to check out – pronto!

The creative world of meatless cooking continues to grow here in Tucson.

Finding out that your favorite local restaurant is launching a new vegan dish is like finding a hidden, unopened present under the Christmas tree – exciting, suspenseful and just waiting to be enjoyed.

From crispy tofu to juicy tacos full of goodness, here’s a list of fresh new vegan options you’ll fall in love with.

The Blacktop Grill

8300 N. Thornydale Rd. Suite 120

The Blacktop Grill recently released a new vegan menu full of creamy vegan sauces and alternative protein options. Of Vegan Vampiro Tacos at mexican street corn, chilli friesand taco saladthere’s no doubting the confidence and passion behind every dish that leaves the kitchen.

The Blacktop Grill prepares its Soyrizo and Impossible meats with rich and creative flavors that you will find almost impossible to share. Drizzle with their fresh salsa and their lime and avocado chipotle cream.

Plus, the restaurant has a food truck (you’ve probably seen it parked around town). From now on, the mexican street corn is available on the truck, while some of the other vegan dishes will make an appearance on the menu from time to time.

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Food Bodega Gallery

2522 E. Fort Lowell Rd.

Gallery of Food recently added to its gorgeous, locally grown menu: a stuffed squash filled with tepary beans, currants, corn, pistachios, red onion and a drizzle of brilliant tomatillo. Add the vegan as is Seared Desert Pearl Mushroom Torta or the Curried Cauliflower Torta to your meal for a tasty pocket.

Gallery of Food also has a new beet and grapefruit salad that’s vegan when you omit the feta cheese. Or ask for “egg-free” on the chickpea salad and enjoy a hearty helping of goodness.

And as always, Gallery of Food’s “Bodega Bowl of the Day” is a rotating selection of homemade soups that are regularly vegan.

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Taqueria La Esquina

4876 S. Sixth Ave.

Taqueria La Esquina has gone from offering a few great vegan options to adding a full vegan side to its menu. So, savor your old favorites with a bunch of delicious new vegan dishes.

An example would be to start your meal with a nice starter like Nopal Montado Where Elote Street Ribs. Taco lovers can choose between Adobada with mushrooms, Father, Jamaica, Jackfruit Quesa Birria, or all of the above. They also have a choice of three different stuffed burritos. All you have to do is quench your thirst with a cocktail, beer or Agua Fresca.

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Go to Dim Sum

3504 E. Grant Rd.

Drizzle tangy chili oil and sweet and spicy sauce all over Go Dim Sum’s new soft-opening vegan option: the Crispy and Salty. Salt & Pepper Fried Tofu.

Or, bite into crispy, crunchy sesame balls for a satisfying experience. Savor these delicious dishes indoors or outdoors on the patio. The drinks on the menu without milk are vegan.

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4th Avenue Charcuterie

425 N. Fourth Ave.

4th Avenue Delicatessen recently added a wide variety of vegan hot dogs and sandwiches with traditional flavors and are sure to surprise you.

Choose from a list of seven “V-Dogs” and four different vegan sandwiches. From vegan chili dogs with plant-based cheddar cheese to thoughtful stacked sandwiches, you can’t go wrong with whatever your heart decides to order.

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