Natalie Portman invests in realistic vegan meat startup

Boston-based vegan meat startup Tender Food received a massive $12 million investment from participants, including actress Natalie Portman.

This investment means that many new whole-muscle vegan meat products can be developed, such as pulled pork, steak, and chicken breast.

Tender Food was launched in 2020 and aims to establish itself in the market by focusing on producing realistic plant-based alternatives.

Co-founders Christophe Chantre and Kevin Kit Parker developed these realistic textures using technology patented at Harvard University.

The technology spins the product to create a fibrous texture, similar to that of a cotton candy machine.

Due to the speed of this technology, it ensures faster production, which means that these meats will be both plentiful and affordable.

Tender Food has a clear goal to ensure it can replicate the most textured meats to specifically target meat eaters and have a hyper-realistic vegan alternative to animal meat.

Other investors share Tender Foods’ goal. Introduce more products that will disrupt the animal agriculture industry.

“The approximately six billion meat-eating humans who eat meat generate about 15% of total carbon emissions,” Chris Sacca, co-founder of Lowercarbon Capital, said in a statement to VegNews.

“Cheers vegans, but to win everyone over, you need plant-based steaks and chops that are just as tasty.”

Natalie Portman continues to invest in vegan meats

Tender Foods is the second vegan meat investment Natalie Portman has made this year. The first is La Vie, a French vegan bacon startup.

La Vie managed to raise a total of $28.3 million, making the story one of the highest Series A funding amounts in the French fake meat market.

The founders’ mission was to create plant-based pork-flavored bacon, and the company started in 2019.

5,000 recipes later, two products have been developed and launched: bacon strips and lardons, made entirely from vegan ingredients.

Currently, these meats are available in one of the largest French supermarket chains Carrefour, as well as in restaurants.

With this funding, La Vie intends to expand into France, Europe and the UK.

Natalie Portman continues to champion plant-based foods and these investments reflect her belief that animal suffering is unnecessary.

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Source: VegNews