More determined Britons switched to a vegan diet in January, Ocado reveals, as Melissa dominates vegan purchases – Retail Times

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Ocado Retail, the UK’s fastest growing grocer, reveals the latest meat and dairy free shopping trends as more Britons switch to a vegan diet.

According to the latest data from, more consumers than ever decided to try “Veganuary” this year, as sales of general vegan products (as a % of total sales) increased by 34% compared to last January. As Britons challenged themselves to change their diets, many basic baskets were swapped with sales of non-dairy cheeses increasing by 24%, non-dairy milk by 51% and egg alternatives by 58% per compared to January 2021. In addition, cow’s milk sales were down 9% in January compared to December, with an increasing number of consumers experimenting with innovative alternatives, such as Barista DUG’s Potato Milk and Lilk’s Oat, Coconut & Quinoa Blend.

Exploring shopper behavior in more detail, sales of vegan products peaked on Monday 17and January. It seems determined that Britons have become less and less likely to cook throughout January, with sales of vegan ready meals up 14% last week on the first, while sales of fruit and vegetables fell 5% over the same period. To satisfy growing cravings, consumers have also turned to more meat alternatives such as meatless farmplant-based chicken breasts and vegan burger sales were up 13% in comparison. As New Year’s kicks began to wane, sales of vegan confectionery peaked on Tuesday the 25thand January with a 28% increase in non-dairy ice cream and 29% in vegan confectionery.

So who was driving the change? Melissa’s purchased the most vegan products per order in January, and its favorite alternative meats were Tofoo Tofu & Richmond meatless sausages. Hot on their heels were Adam’s, Alice’s, Emily’s, and Rebecca’s. Additionally, Brighton recorded the highest number of vegan purchases per order in January, closely followed by Norwich, East London and Manchester, with the North East buying the fewest vegan products.

Laura Harricks, Chief Customer Officer at Ocado Retail, said: “Being the only pure play online grocery retailer in the UK means we have real-time insight into what our customers are looking for. As Britons look to eat more sustainably, the growth of the Veganuary trend is emphasizing the appetite for alternative diets. With thousands of vegan products available on and a wider range than any other supermarket, we are always ready to support the nation’s food preferences, in January and beyond!