Meet the London vegan chef putting Afro-vegan food on the map

Check out the Instagram of Franco-Congolese Afro-Vegan chef Glory Kabé when you have the time. The profusion of colors that greet you will remind you of spring – on a plate. She has designed vegan menus for many celebrities, including a residency with Robert Pattison and FKA Twigs. Kabe is one of the chefs at Expo 2020 Dubai’s African dining venue, Alkebulan, which hosts cooking sessions on vegan food. She told us about her vegan cooking, being a “lifestyle chef,” and more.

We beng a lifestyle chef in London
London has a huge influence on my lifestyle first and foremost. The city is so eclectic mixed with a very high energy that plays a huge role in my creative process. Being a vegan lifestyle chef is great because I can do what I love! From creating recipes, sharing tips, designing menus or training staff while travelling. I feel very lucky. My Sip & Cook’In initiative is the first ever Afro-Vegan online cooking class where we deliver the product right to your doorstep and you enjoy a cooking class while listening to a dope playlist.

The path to becoming a chef
As a former flight attendant, travel has always been a big part of my life. Besides my passion for food, my dreams of becoming a chef while traveling allowed me to offer my services abroad, which eventually led to catering opportunities. That’s how I finally became a traveling chef.

Once my flight attendant duties were over, I decided to move to Brazil. This is where I decided I would like to be a chef after discovering Afro-Brazilian cuisine. After a few months in Brazil, I came back to Europe for about a month and traveled to Atlanta where I fell in love with afro veganism, from there I moved to London and started my journey as a than chief.

The residency with Robert Pattison and FKA Twigs
Guess they’ve heard of me as an up-and-coming vegan chef on the London scene. It was a private concert, cheffing for them, their friends and family. I was in charge of the vegan meal and options. It was great fun and a great memory.

The inspiration behind his colorful dishes
So I always say I serve food that looks like me – a mix of traditional and modern Afro-descendant recipes with a dash of conscience and sex appeal. It is primarily inspired by the many diaspora heritage sites around the world and a dedication to the almighty African cuisine.

Honestly, it’s not hard to get the right ingredients for my vegan dishes, the tricky part is getting informed, ingredients are everywhere and in abundance right now. Learning how powerful the ingredients are is the trickiest part. Knowledge is essential once one embarks on a herbal journey.

a day in the life
A day in the life of Glory requires eating a lot, sometimes not everything but mostly. It honestly depends, some days I’m in the kitchen testing or training, other days I’m traveling and working on menu and recipe development.

The food ideology she lives by
I like to eat a good tasty and creamy dish, sometimes I just crave comfort food like pasta in a vegan sauce. Let’s say I am what I eat and I eat well. My favorite food at the moment are coconut pancakes – so delicious! Here is the recipe:

coconut pancakes

200g 1/2 coconut flour + 1/2 gf flour
40g Sugar – optional
250g vegetable milk (here, it’s coconut milk)
80g vegetable oil
8h Baking powder
Pinch of salt

1. Mix together flour, sugar and baking soda.
2. Mix milk, oil and salt together.
3. Add the two mixtures together making sure they combine well.
4. Leave to stand for a few minutes.
5. Then cook until golden brown on both sides in a skillet over medium-high heat with q teaspoon of coconut oil.
6. Cut up fresh fruit and serve hot with your Glory in your belly syrup and granola. Enjoy.