Mark Cuban can’t stop investing in vegan meat

Mark Cuban just made another vegan investment. Vegan meat brand Everything Legendary has secured $300,000 in funding from the entrepreneur during an episode of shark tank, released in February. And within 24 hours of the show airing, the company sold $250,000 worth of its burgers online.

With a fairly extensive investment portfolio of plant-based brands, including Wild Earth and Unreal Deli, Cuban has high hopes for the vegan meat market. “It will continue to grow rapidly” he told LIVEKINDLY in an email. “People realize [eating plant-based is] better for their own health, for the environment and it’s now delicious! »

But Everything Legendary is not your average vegan meat brand. According to co-founder, Duane “Myko” Cheers, the black-owned company is looking to revolutionize the vegan meat market with its soy- and gluten-free pea protein meat.

“It’s a vegan and tasty movement that we’re starting right now. And we’re revolutionizing the whole industry,” he said to LIVEKINDLY. “We are dynamic. We have a lot of energy and we are good.

The company currently offers plant-based burgers. It has vegan ground meat, sausage, chicken nuggets and cheese-infused burgers in the pipeline, the latter of which the judges tasted on Shark Tank. And, says Cheers, all of the brand’s products are mom-approved.

“That’s what [Everything Legendary] is really: inspired by mom, ” he says. “This is where this business really begins. It is a goal-oriented business. It’s inspired by watching my mom battle this terminal illness.

Mark Cuban just made another vegan investment in vegan meat brand Everything Legendary. | All Legendary

Mom-approved vegan meat

Cheers’ mother, Darline, was diagnosed with lupus over 30 years ago.

Inflammatory disease occurs when the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues. Around the same time she learned she had lupus, Cheers’ mother went vegan in order to help ease her symptoms. “This disease affected his lungs. She’s got half a lung, so she’s on oxygen 24/7. he keeps on.

Cheers says he was inspired to start the company so that people like Darline, who just celebrated her 71st birthday, could enjoy quality, great-tasting food on a vegan diet. “His diet change really inspired us to do that,” he adds. “So we have this flavor movement where it’s healthy flavors that are just different from everyone else. And we simply demand better.

“That’s one of the reasons the company is called Everything Legendary. She is one of our legends. he explains. “She really stood up for others. We want people to be healthy and eat good food at the same time. That’s why Everything Legendary is all about healthy, great-tasting products.

Mark Cuban can't stop investing in vegan meat
Mark Cuban’s latest vegan investment? Meat based on pea protein. | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Mark Cuban makes another vegan investment

Cheers, who studied business at Morgan State University, says he’s glad Cuba believed in the business. “Shark Tank has been the greatest blessing in the world” he says.

He explains that he suffered financial difficulties before appearing on the show, including the seizure of his house and the seizure of his car. But, he says, he never gave up on his vision.

“I’ve always had this dream” he explains. “I believe our product is better. You heard it on Shark Tank. All five sharks shared that it was the best plant-based burger they’ve ever had.

Mark Cuban is definitely a fan. “I invested because the product was better than any Impossible or Beyond burger I’ve had,” he says. “And just as important, Duane and his team are truly legendary. Great products need great entrepreneurs, and they do the trick.

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