Malnourished Alan Carr fears developing rickets from vegan diet

Comedian Alan Carr has revealed he has developed anemia since quitting meat and now following a vegan diet – but believes he is developing rickets as a result.

Alan Carr recently cut meat from his diet

Alan Carr fears developing rickets after adopting a vegan diet.

The malnourished comic stopped eating meat after buying a farm in Kent and developed anemia as a result.

“I don’t have folic acid,” he explains. “I’m on this vegan diet.

“I basically get rickets because I love animals.”

Rickets, a bone disease, can be caused by a lack of calcium or vitamin D. “I don’t eat cows because we have cows,” says Alan. “We’re saving alpacas, sheep, chickens, dwarf goats – it’s a real money pit.

“They are ungrateful – we save these animals and they always give dirty looks.”

Alan Carr said: ‘I don’t have folic acid… I basically get rickets because I love animals’


Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

He notes that other comics, including Catherine Tate, John Bishop, and Paul O’Grady, all got into farming.

“There’s something about comedians and farms,” ​​he says. “I think we probably hate humans. You never get heckled by a cow. I prefer animals to humans.

Alan was chatting with Stacey Dooley on today’s episode of her Life’s a Beach podcast, where the presenter reveals she loves nude beaches.

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“I love being naked,” she says.

“I love running around in my panties. I’m living my best life.

“But I make sure to wear factor 50 on my nipples – you don’t want to burn yourself.”

Sound advice during the country’s current heat wave.

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