Lucy Watson to Co-Host a New Global Vegan Food Series, “Eating Plants”

A brand new digital series showcasing the global plant-based movement will launch in early May.

The show, titled eat plants, will take its viewers around the world to explore the environmental and health benefits of a vegan lifestyle, as well as showcasing the best vegan products and restaurants.

eat plants will be hosted by celebrities from around the world showcasing their country’s evolving vegan scene.

Viewers will be transported to the United States, Germany, Israel, China, Australia and the United Kingdom, which will be hosted by celebrity and vegan activist Lucy Watson.

Additionally, the online series will launch in the UK with an exclusive watch party on May 8, followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers and Lucy Watson.

Eat plants: vegan series with Lucy Watson

In episode 4 of eat plants, Lucy Watson takes us on a journey across the UK to find out how some of the UK’s oldest traditions are adapting a new herbal formula.

Throughout the episode, Lucy visits some of the UK’s most exciting vegan chefs, producing high quality products such as beer, pizza and fine French patisserie.

Additionally, Watson is accompanied on her travels by Channel 4’s Jasmine Harman and Great British menu Chief Kirk Howarth.

The global hosts of eat plants, including Katie Cleary and Martin Dingle Wall, are also joined by some of the most exciting names in veganism today.

Guests include New York Mayor Eric Adams, legendary American chef Miyoko Schinner, and earthlings Director, Shaun Monson.

“The filmmakers are determined to sound a wake-up call”

In a press release, the co-creator of eat plantsKate Clere, shared: “We wanted to offer meat and plant eaters advice on flavors, textures, tastes and come up with a new range of recipes that will add protein and nutrients to plant-based meals.

“The series aims to help educate people around this delicious new culinary trend.”

Additionally, co-creator Mick McIntyre added, “Many people recognize the need to switch to more plant-based diets for their health and the planet.”

The upcoming series from the award-winning filmmakers is already receiving rave reviews, with The New York Times claiming, “The filmmakers are determined to sound a wake-up call siren.”

You can watch the trailer for Eat Plants Here.

Also, you can find more details on the Eating Plants is watching the party here.

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