LIVEKINDLY Collective launches 2 vegan meat brands in China

Two new vegan meat brands launched by LIVEKINDLY Collective aim to win the hearts (and taste buds) of consumers in China.

Named Giggling Pig and Happy Chicken, the flagship meatless meat brands are designed to cater to Chinese culinary preferences. The brands offer seven products, including dumplings, seasoned hash and several mushroom dishes. Each dish, which is now available throughout mainland China, offers a modern take on traditional cuisine.

“We worked with a local chief innovation officer during the product development process and considered the most relevant consumption habits for Gen Z consumers, so it’s very relevant for Chinese taste” , says Joanna LiuQiao, Greater China Regional Director at LIVEKINDLY Collective, adding that the younger generation is an early adopter of plant-based foods.

“We see that the younger generation is at the forefront of the trend to change their diet to get health benefits and feel better about what they eat,” LiuQiao says. “They are at the time of life transition, like leaving home to live in a dorm or living on their own and working their first job after graduation. Many consumers have told us that they started eating plant-based foods during these life-changing times. »

Happy Chicken and Giggling Pig are the first brands developed internally by LIVEKINDLY Collective. | LIVEKINDLY Collective

The LIVEKINDLY collective settles in China

Giggling Pig and Happy Chicken are the first in-house brands developed by LIVEKINDLY Collective, a collection of plant-based food brands that includes The Fry Family Food Co., LikeMeat, Oumph!, No Meat and The Dutch Weed Burger, which it acquired earlier this month. (LIVEKINDLY Collective also owns LIVEKINDLY Media.) Since launching in March 2020, the New York-based company has raised over half a billion dollars to fund its international expansion, which includes opening its first offices in China. .

“China is one of the most exciting and strategic markets for the plant revolution, and a key pillar of our growth strategy,” said Kees Kruythoff, CEO and President of LIVEKINDLY Collective. “We are proud to launch these new flagship brands, which have been developed and manufactured for Chinese consumers, by Chinese experts, as they say, China for China and at the speed of China.”

Plant-based proteins are nothing new in China, where tofu and seitan existed long before vegan burgers became mainstream. But, as in the West, meat is still central to many dishes. The market is changing, however. A new wave of protein alternatives has emerged in recent years, offering meaty beef, pork, chicken, and many other plant-based products.

The Chinese plant-based food market is growing fast and promising. The national vegan meat market reached nearly $1 billion at the end of 2018, according to the Good Food Institute (GFI), a nonprofit that promotes alternative proteins. This demand is expected to skyrocket by 200% over the next five years as consumers increasingly seek out healthier foods, according to DuPoint Nutrition & Biosciences.

The challenge, however, is giving consumers what they really want. According to a report by GFI Consultancy, GFI’s strategic partner in China, adapting to local taste preferences is the key to success. That’s why, when developing Giggling Pig and Happy Chicken, LIVEKINDLY Collective turned to Chinese food experts.

The Chinese government is also well aware of the trend towards vegan food. The China Institute of Food Science and Technology, a government-affiliated industry group, has established the first national standard for plant-based meat labeling.

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