Lewis Hamilton explains how the vegan diet ‘changed’ his dog’s life

Lewis Hamilton has revealed how a vegan diet ‘changed’ his dog’s life for the better.

The F1 champion, who also follows a plant-based diet, has revealed his British Bulldog is on an “all-vegan” diet in 2020, describing him as “super happy”.

He also claimed that removing meat from his dog’s vegan diet helped improve some health issues such as allergies.

“He became a puppy again”

In a recent interview with vanity lounge, Hamilton said: “It’s me and my dog ​​Roscoe, my bulldog.

“He’s like nine years old [and] he is vegan. He eats quinoa and vegetables every day and it literally changed his life – he was a puppy again at nine years old.

Roscoe, Lewis Hamilton’s Vegan Dog

This isn’t the first time the pro runner has hailed a plant-based diet for Roscoe.

Speaking to her Instagram followers two years ago, Hamilton explained how Roscoe’s diet consisted of “normal dog food” which included meat.

“His breathing was always bad which meant he was never able to walk very far and his joints ached,” the star wrote.

“He also had skin allergies. I decided to switch him to a vegan diet. It changed his life. He no longer has breathing problems, his throat is no longer restricted and he no longer overheats like before and he loves to run. He doesn’t have any allergy issues either.

“He’s become a puppy again!” It was amazing to see these changes at Roscoe and I’m so grateful to be able to share this.

Vegan charity PETA says that with “the right planning and care” dogs can be plant-based. However, the organization stresses “it is important to ensure that their nutritional needs are met”.

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Featured image credit: @lewishamilton via Instagram