Las Vegas to Celebrate Vegan Cooking Month in January

Vegan Meal Month is slated to begin Jan. 1 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Restaurants in town will prepare vegan menus and serve vegan options. With all that is now known about how plant-based meals can positively impact human health and the well-being of the planet, no one can deny that eating more vegan meals is a choice. . clever. So this fun month-long event is a win-win for everyone involved.

This January will mark the fifth consecutive year that a wide variety of restaurants have participated in Vegan Dining Month. It was founded by Diana Edelman of Vegans, Baby, a popular blog that focuses primarily on the vegan food scene in Las Vegas. This year, it will be sponsored by the plant-based cheese brand Pleese Cheese.

Edelman was inspired to start the event after finding no vegan options among the restaurants participating in Restaurant Week. She explained, “I wanted to create an event where vegans were represented, and Vegan Dining Month came to me because a week wasn’t enough time for people to visit restaurants and taste the food. . vegan. I also wanted people to see that they could go vegan, and I wanted to show how there are options across town. Also, I wanted to show restaurants how, if they added vegan options to their menu for the month, they would see new customers and the value of having vegan options on the menu all year round.

“It gives restaurants a chance to get creative and people, especially people new to vegan life, the chance to see that there is support in the city for the way of life,” he said. -she adds. “I also wanted to give back to the community, so I decided that a portion of the proceeds from the dishes sold would benefit each year an organization aligned with one aspect of veganism, be it animal rescue, environment, human rights or other valid organization. . . ”

Vegan Dining Month is celebrated by several restaurants that usually don’t have a vegan accent or even a vegan menu. It’s no secret that the pandemic has created a lot of challenges for restaurants since the start of 2020, so now is the perfect time to support local restaurants. The event was in part designed as a way to support local restaurants in Las Vegas while allowing foodies to try more plant-based dishes.

Each participating restaurant will offer unique vegan menus created with both vegans and curious vegans in mind. The menus introduce diners to chefs and restaurants that may be new to them. In turn, chefs and restaurateurs learn more about the demand for plant-based dining options in the community.

More than 30 restaurants in Las Vegas are participating. For example, Yukon Pizza, TIABI Coffee & Waffle, Barry’s Downtown Prime, Graze Kitchen, Golden Fog Coffee, Tommy Rocker’s, and Valencian Gold all participate in the event. The delicious dishes that will be served include everything from vegan Korean barbecue to delicious apple and blueberry turnovers.

“I think what surprises people the most about the vegan scene in Las Vegas is that there’s a vegan scene in Las Vegas,” Edelman explained. “The city is known for its fine dining restaurants and meat menus, but there are actually a ton of options. In fact, Las Vegas is consistently ranked as one of the best vegan cities in the United States.

If you’re coming from out of town, Edelman advised, “Plan ahead where you want to go and eat. Las Vegas is sprawling, and participating restaurants are scattered across the city.

Edelman has created a Vegan Meal Month Guide that lists all participating restaurants and includes a map to make it easier to plan what meals you want to enjoy during the month.

Vegan Meal Month has raised over $ 15,000 for various local and national animal-focused nonprofits since its inception five years ago. This year, each participating restaurant is donating a portion of its proceeds to the Churchill Foundation, a local organization that rescues adoptable animals at local shelters.