Is the bread vegan? How to know which bread is vegan

Bread is a staple that many of us enjoy every day, but have you ever wondered if bread is vegan? While a simple bread recipe with flour, water, salt, and yeast is vegan, some breads have added ingredients that are not vegan. Here’s how to know which bread is vegan and which isn’t.

Breads, brioches, bagels and wraps. Bread is a staple food for almost everyone.

In fact, bread is estimated to be found in up to 99.8% of households in Britain, making it one of the most purchased and consumed items in our cupboards. And unfortunately one of the most wasted.

Fortunately, vegans generally shouldn’t miss out on dough products.

But before you open the breadsticks and dive head first into the bread basket, let’s do what vegans do best. Check out the list of ingredients!

Is all the bread vegan?

For the most part, bread is suitable for vegans.

The basic ingredients of bread are flour, baking powder, water, oil and salt – all of which are vegan!

But while it looks good so far, there are unfortunately a few exceptions to the rule.

Breads such as naan bread (made with yogurt), brioche (made with milk and eggs), and some bagels and crumpets (which are sometimes made with milk or eggs) are generally not suitable for vegans.

When you buy bread, most private label supermarket breads are usually very clearly labeled as suitable for vegans.

When shopping at a bakery, you can always ask to see a list of allergens to be sure the bread you buy is 100% plant-based.

Why shouldn’t the bread be vegan?

As mentioned earlier, some breads can be made from dairy products.

However, some breads can also have egg frosting to provide a shiny, golden topping.

Some gluten-free breads also use eggs as a binder.

Other breads could be made using honey as a sweetening agent, especially in darker grain breads such as rye. When in doubt, always check the ingredient list on the bread package.

Is there a vegan garlic bread?

The holy grail of comfort food – garlic bread.

While much of the garlic bread is made with butter, the good news is that there are vegan garlic breads available for purchase.

When looking for garlic bread in stores, a handy tip is to always go for the cheapest or private label items. This is because these tend to be made from oils rather than dairy and therefore are accidentally vegan.

But again, just to be sure your product is suitable, check the ingredients and allergens before you buy.

At restaurants, Nando’s and Zizzi’s both have delicious vegan garlic bread options to try.

If you fancy making your own deluxe version of garlic bread at home, try this awesome recipe!

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How do I know if the bread is vegan when I eat in a restaurant?

When eating out, first check whether the item is listed as vegan or not.

However, when ordering from a menu that doesn’t specify whether their items are suitable for vegans or not, ask to see an allergen guide or ingredient list. This will help you to know if the bread is suitable.

If you eat at a South Asian restaurant, opt for the chapati over the naan to skip the dairy.

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