Ikea Japan now offers more vegan dishes in its cafes, including a new plant-based curry

Classic Swedish meatballs with lingonberry jam tend to be the first thing that comes to mind when people think of eating at Ikea. However, this is slowly changing as the company takes new initiatives in its commitment to sustainability. Ikea Japan recently announced the addition of seven plant-based dishes to its national menu, including a vegan version of curry katsu for just ¥499.

Typically, the katsu (cutlet) element of a katsu curry is breaded and fried pork or chicken; Ikea’s version will be made with soy instead. The curry roux will also be plant-derived and will replace the company’s previous recipe for Japanese-style curry. Other new vegan dishes on the cafe menu include stuffed vegan cabbage rolls (¥299), veggie cheese dogs (¥150), and plant-based chocolate mousse (¥299).

Photo: fb.com/IKEA.jp

This won’t be the first time Ikea Japan has introduced a plant-based menu in its stores. When Ikea opened its first downtown store in Harajuku, the cafe and konbini offered meatless items like soft, plant-based strawberries and vegan instant ramen. Unfortunately, the Harajuku store won’t be serving the new katsu curry as its menu is dominated by flatbread wraps.

Think you’ll have to miss out on classic Ikea dishes if you avoid foods with animal products? Don’t worry, the company has also created a plant-based version of its famous meatballs using proteins derived from peas, oats, potatoes and onions. Expect to see Vegan Swedish Meatballs at Ikea Japan in October.

Do you like Ikea? A new store will open in Shibuya this winter.

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