Identical twins compare vegan food with a meat diet to see which is better

A group of identical twins decided to test the vegan and meat-based diets to see which one was better.

Hugo and Ross Turner participated in a study that involved one of them using plants while the other ate an omnivorous diet.

The duo participated in the study with Kings College London for a 12-week study and ate the same amount of calories each day.

They even did the same workout at the gym when Hugo gave up on meat and dairy while Ross enjoyed these foods with fish.

At first, Hugo said that switching to a plant-based diet was not easy, but eventually he found himself more energetic.

Speaking to the BBC, he said: “I was on a vegan diet and it really takes a hit on your body.”

One went vegan while the other went on a meat diet

He added: “I think the first two weeks I was really craving meat, dairy and cheese. I love cheese.

“I now had to eat fruits, nuts and alternatives that did not contain any dairy products.

“I ate a lot more healthy food, which meant my blood sugar was very full during the day. I felt more energetic.”

Meanwhile, her meat-eating twin said her gym performance was “a bit higher and lower.”

Ross noticed the amount of processed foods he was eating after checking out his twin’s super healthy vegan meals.

At the end of the 12-week study, the men found that there was “no huge difference, if any” between the two diets.

But Hugo has seen his cholesterol drop “out of the balance,” while losing weight and increasing his resistance to type 2 diabetes.

At the start of the diet, Hugo weighed 13.2nd and had 13% body fat.

Ross Turner and Hugo Turner
There hasn’t been much change according to them

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But after 12 weeks he was 12.9 and had dropped to 12% body fat.

The insider reports that his brother also had 13% body fat at the start, but he gained 10 pounds of muscle and also gained fat.

This brought his body fat percentage to 15% and his weight to 13.5 st.