“I fed my 4-year-old stepsister non-vegan food – her mum says I disrespected her”

A woman has been left baffled after her stepmother claimed she had been disrespectful to her by giving her four-year-old daughter a vegetarian pizza – when she was only allowed to eat vegan

The woman gave her stepsister a vegetarian pizza (stock photo)

A woman who fed her four-year-old half-sister vegetarian pizza while babysitting has been baffled after the child’s mother claimed she was being disrespectful – because the young girl shouldn’t eat only vegan dishes.

Posting her story on Reddit, the woman explained that her half-sister is the daughter of her father and his current wife – who is the woman’s stepmother – and claimed that the child’s mother is ” extremely health conscious” and will only feed her daughter food that is both vegan and organic.

The woman usually has no problem following these dietary requirements when babysitting the little one, but recently found herself without many options in the home after being asked to care for her sibling on the short term.

With no other options available to her, the woman opted to feed the four-year-old a vegetarian pizza – but was later criticized for not ‘respecting’ her mother-in-law’s wishes.

The meal sparked a row with the girl’s mother (stock photo)


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In his positionshe said: “My father has a four-year-old daughter with his current wife, my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law is vegan and extremely health conscious after surviving cancer, and only allows my sister vegan and organic food She believes everything else is toxic and cancerous I try to understand that even though I am not a vegan or vegetarian myself.

“She asked me last minute to babysit my sister last week and dropped her off at my apartment around 9am that morning. She first told me she would only be gone 2-3 hours, but she didn’t pick her up until almost 2:00 p.m. due to a late appointment.

“My mother-in-law packed a bag that contained nothing but apple slices, a zip bag of cauliflower crackers and organic juice. By noon I was hungry and didn’t want to cook myself without the feed, and she had already eaten her snacks. My healthy food options were limited, so I made vegetarian pizzas for us and also gave her juice and fruit snacks.

The woman was honest about what she had fed the youngster when her mother came to pick her up, and she was furious, saying the food was ‘unhealthy’ and refusing to let her babysit until she could.” learn to respect” his dietary requests.

She added: “After my mother-in-law picked her up, I told her what we had for lunch and she was upset that I gave her daughter non-vegan cheese and fruit snacks, but I called everything unhealthy.

“She thought I should have either waited for her to pick it up or gave her some of the raw vegetables we put on the pizza to appease her appetite until she was picked up.

“My father has since informed me that my stepmother no longer wants me to babysit until I learn to respect her wishes regarding her parenthood.

“I can see how I can be the asshole considering I knew it wasn’t vegan, but I also tried my best and didn’t just throw a steak in front of her.”

The woman then returned to the post to offer more information, including an explanation of why she didn’t call or text her mother-in-law first, and why she didn’t run to the store to find more suitable snacks.

She wrote: “I didn’t call or text ahead because my mother-in-law informed me that her phone would be on silent while she was on her appointments.

“I also didn’t have a booster seat to get to the store, and food delivery services are expensive where I live, which I don’t really have any extra money for right now. (broken student stuff).”

And commenters on the Reddit post were largely on the woman’s side, as many pointed out that her stepmother should have provided more food for her daughter.

One person wrote: “You took care of a starving child. If the mother was really worried she could have sent you some vegan food.”

While another said: “If this is the diet she chooses for her child, she must provide an adequate amount of food for her child. Her delay is not your problem. She has not prepared correctly and you have chosen to feed a child instead of letting them go hungry.”

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