Honolulu’s Vegan Food Guide

From vibrant acai bowls to plant-based sushi and tofu katsu bento boxes, Honolulu offers a wide and diverse array of vegan dishes that reflect Hawaii’s history as a cultural melting pot. The good weather makes it the perfect place for a bite to eat outdoors with plenty of restaurants offering outdoor seating and takeout, allowing you to camp on the beach with satisfying vegan cuisine. From casual cafes to impressive multi-course tasting menus, here are just 12 of the fabulous vegan restaurants Honolulu has to offer.

Nature Waikiki

1 Nature Waikiki

Looking for a vegan dining experience in Honolulu? Nature Waikiki offers an authentic farm-to-table experience. Diners can choose between a set six-course plant-based menu featuring local and seasonal organic produce and an a la carte menu that lists several vegan options. Look for dishes such as Macadamia Pesto Linguine, Laulau Pithivier Portobello Mushrooms, Organic Local Harvest Salad and Roasted Beet Poke. Call ahead, as this place books up quickly.
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Vegnews.leahiLeahi Health

2 Leahi Health

Located in Kaimuki, an eclectic neighborhood with chic boutiques and gourmet restaurants, Leahi Health is an unassuming beach restaurant with only outdoor seating. This is your go-to restaurant for all things healthy, vegan, and always delicious. Think vegan poke bowls, breakfast tacos, refreshing green smoothies, pizzas and tasty, filling salads and bowls. It’s the perfect place to stop for a bite to eat before heading out on a hike or snorkeling adventure.
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3 Tane

Craving vegan sushi beyond the standard avocado and cucumber roll? This vegan izakaya restaurant prepares elaborate plant-based sushi and other delicious Japanese dishes. Located on Beretania Street, the restaurant boasts a stunning interior with wood and steel details for a trendy vibe. The kitchen applies traditional Japanese culinary techniques to vegetables, fruits, tofu, nuts and flowers to provide diners with an unforgettable upscale experience. Whether you munch on the poke salad, tuck into the tomato nigiri, or munch on one of Tane’s 12 signature rolls, you won’t leave dinner disappointed or hungry.
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VegNews.DaraXDara X./Yelp

4 Floralia Pizza

Formerly titled What It Dough, this mobile food truck bakes pies worthy of its fancier name. Parked on Kona Street, this artisan-style pizzeria offers the only wood-fired vegan pizzas in Honolulu. The preset menu includes classic pies such as White, Margherita and Pesto Royale, but customers are also encouraged to create their own with the mix of cheeses, meats and plant-based fillings on offer. Don’t forget to save room for dessert, because you won’t find an ultra decadent and creamy Basque-style cheesecake anywhere else. It should be noted that their hours of operation vary, so be sure to check their Facebook page for the latest hours of operation.
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VegNews.AVA V

5 A V

Located in the Kaimuki district, “All Vegan” aka AV has a chic and upscale atmosphere. Led by Chef Kenny Lee, the restaurant offers upscale American and Asian fusion cuisine through a 14-16 course vegan gourmet tasting menu. Many courses are interactive. For example, White Peach Dragon’s Breath is served with liquid nitrogen foam that you smash between your front teeth while blowing air, making you look like a dragon. The Intermezzo, a melon soda covered in a white chocolate shell, comes with Pop Rocks and a dose of nostalgia. The whole immersive, edible experience will cost you $200 per person and lasts around 90 minutes.
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VegNews.PeacecafeCafe of peace

6 Cafe of peace

Located in the Waikiki neighborhood, this quaint family restaurant offers clean, delicious vegan options at a great price and large portions. Try the Tempeh Katsu Curry or the Mapo Tofu plate. The health-conscious cafe also offers garlic-free options for those with allium sensitivities.
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VegnEws.juicybrewJuicy infusion

seven Juicy infusion

Juicy Brew’s menu is amazing. Open for lunch and late afternoon snacks, the food here embodies the best of Hawaiian fusion. Choose from Wabi-Sabi Moco (a dish consisting of a vegan burger, mushroom sauce, JUST scrambled egg and furikake); a donburi smoked jackfruit bento; or Buns “Chicken” Lemon-Yuzu Poppy. Each dish is complex in flavors and textures, which makes you want to order one of everything. This includes dessert. Don’t leave without trying the spiced banana pie, peach mochi or Lilikoi mango bar.
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VegNews.umekemarketUmeke Market

8 Umeke Market

For a breakfast option beyond an acai bowl, head to Umeke Market. The vegan spot features oatmeal topped with fruit and nuts; scrambled tofu; and vegan egg, cheese and sausage breakfast sandwiches. Those who sleep past 10:30 a.m. and miss breakfast can find food in the form of a build-it-yourself vegan lunch. From simmered taro leaves to Pono Chili to fried bread, this option is a must-have for anyone who wants a taste of culture through food.
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9 Blonde

There’s no shame in chasing after a food truck when it’s at Blondie. Usually parked in the Lowes Iwilei parking lot from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. several days of the week, this mobile plant-based restaurant serves meat sandwiches, tacos and quesadillas while supplies last. The company is working on a brick and mortar, but while that’s in progress, follow the truck on instagram for the latest menu and opening hours.
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Vegnews.kaimanamarketKaimana Farm

ten Kaimana Farm

This daytime eatery offers breakfast until closing, but it’s for the bento boxes and classic Hawaiian fare that we’re here. Feel free to mix and match among the plethora of vegan sides including Vegan Ground Beef, Organic Kale Slaw, Spicy Tofu Poke, Rainbow Hijiki (Seaweed), Lotus Root noodles, soba noodle salad, and more.
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VegNews.rippleofsmilesWave of smiles

11 Wave of smiles

This chef-owned concept is serious about nutrition – you have to read a health paragraph before you even access the food options when browsing the menu. Admittedly, this dedication to food is what makes Ripple of Smiles so vegan. Plant-based options are plentiful and range from spring rolls to vegan pho and other authentic Thai dishes, just ask for the vegan menu and a few minutes to make up your mind – you’ll need it.
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VEgNews.sunriseshacksunrise cabin

12 sunrise cabin

A morning by the beach isn’t incomplete without at least one bowl of acai, and there’s no better place to get it than in a sunny yellow cabana surrounded by palm trees. This micro-chain has several locations around O’ahu, all offering vibrant smoothie bowls topped with Instagram-worthy fruits and nuts. Just make sure you don’t ask for honey when ordering your bowl or smoothie.
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13 banana

Bananas have never tasted so good. This three-slot confection turns bananas into a creamy, cool, swirly serve. The toppings are gourmet and an absolute must. Choose from mac nut butter, fresh fruit, cocoa nibs, granola, shredded coconut, and more. Pro Tip: Save yourself the indecision and opt for a Pre-Fab Creation. From Acai Swirled Amazon to Chocolate Infused Dark Fantasy, you’re sure to walk away with a refreshing sweet treat that fuels all your island adventures.
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