Growthwell Foods Opens New Innovation Center to Increase Production of Vegan Meat and Seafood

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Singapore-based vegan meat maker Growthwell Foods has announced the successful completion of its new innovation and R&D center. Located in the JTC Food Hub in Senoko, the facility will serve as a preliminary production plant, with future expansion already planned. The company hopes to use the center to make a meaningful contribution to Singapore’s “30 by 2030” vision.

Having secured $ 22 million in a Series A round, Growthwell Foods wasted no time in putting the funding to good use. A springboard for future expansion, its new innovation and R&D center will allow both large-scale production and distribution to markets larger than Southeast Asia.

Progress for Singapore

With the first fully automated herbal production line in Singapore, the Growthwell factory is breaking new ground. The JTC Food Hub brings together SMEs in the food sector, creating an axis dedicated to the development of the industry and to companies focused on sustainability, but this factory is something new. Capable of producing 4,000 metric tonnes of animal-free products per year, the line will be supported by extensive R&D activities designed to improve the texture, taste and nutrition of exclusive HAPPIEE products! branded products. Particular attention will be paid to clean proteins, legumes and algae having already been explored.

Growthwell’s vegan chicken and fish products are a step towards the company’s goal of becoming Asia’s premier plant-based food technology company. Backed by Israeli food technology ChickP protein, the ranges will significantly contribute to the ’30 by 2030′ initiative. Feeding 30 percent of Singapore’s population with domestically produced food by 2030 is an ambitious vision in itself, but Growthwell has another mandate in place. He still intends to keep his promise to “feed 100 million people across Asia with plant-based foods” and the new facility is the last piece of the puzzle needed to get there.

A good investment

After raising $ 8 million in 2020, Growthwell’s existing investors doubled in September, reaffirming their faith in the company’s vision. DSG Consumer Partners and Temasek have returned to participate in Series A, led by Paris-based Creadev.

Temasek itself just announced a new platform designed to accelerate the pooling of sustainable food across Asia, so that the investment feels on the brand. Speaking on the new development, Temasek said the Asia Sustainable Foods platform “aims to alleviate” adoption frictions “by providing solutions and support to food technology companies at every stage of the process. their growth cycle “.

Along with A * STAR’s Singapore Institute of Food & Biotechnology Innovation, Temasek is committed to investing in the Food Tech Innovation Center. This will serve as a dedicated place for food tech startups to access the infrastructure and support needed to bring new sustainable developments to market.

In good company

Singapore is experiencing a wave of herbal progress. Along with Growthwell’s new production facility, Shiok Meats announced the launch of its cultured seafood “mini factory”. Acting as the first cell-based seafood R&D plant in the region, the facility will help Shiok bring commercial products to market. It also represents a change in consumer demand.

The digital platform abillion reported that although flexitarians make up the smallest percentage of Singapore’s consumer base, they are the fastest growing. He also highlighted a growing trend to choose plant-based foods over vegan meat products, showing a 306% increase in reviews in 2020.

Main image courtesy of Growthwell Foods.