Gordon Ramsay Proved Us All Wrong With His Vegan Food Confession

“I actually love vegan food.” Yes, that’s right – the words came from Ramsay himself in a new episode of ‘MasterChef: Back to Win’. Ramsay admitted, per PEOPLEthat he likes dishes prepared without any animal or sea products, while he has earned a reputation as a master of meat cooking.

Ramsay’s revelation came after announcing in a recent episode that chefs would be required to participate in a vegan challenge; he later admitted he had a secret before telling the contestants. “It’s such a big secret that I’m almost afraid to tell it on national television.” The contestants were also shocked, with one jokingly calling him “Mr. Beef Wellington”. While Ramsay suggests this is his first time opening up about vegan food, he actually has a section of his website dedicated to vegan recipes.

Now, this isn’t the first Ramsay/vegan controversy we know of. In May, the chef shared that he was impressed with a vegan ramen recipe.

Ramsay has revealed that his love for veganism is “thanks to the kids”, likely referring to his five children. The chef apparently shares a close relationship with them, and he and his daughter, Tilley, have even become famous on TikTok during the pandemic for their funny father-daughter videos.