Gordon Ramsay admits he loves vegan food in first-ever vegan challenge on MasterChef

Gordon Ramsay finally admitted he loves vegan food in MasterChef’s first vegan challenge.

Source: MasterChef on FOX/Youtube

In an episode of MasterChef: Back to Win, Gordon Ramsay revealed a long-standing “secret” to contestants. While explaining their upcoming task, Ramsay tells them that their challenge will be something MasterChef has never seen before and has been keeping a culinary secret.

“It’s such a big secret that I’m almost afraid to tell it on national television.”

Competitors and other judges look confused. Judge Aarón Sánchez grabs Ramsay’s arm and says, “Don’t worry, Gordon. It is a safe space. We will support you. The contestants laugh before Ramsay finally reveals his secret.

“After all these years,” he said. “I can finally admit… that I really like vegan food! »

During the episode titled “Gordon Ramsay Loves Vegans!”, contestants were challenged to create a vegan dish.

Ramsay had long been known to hate vegan and vegetarian food, even poking fun at the lifestyle by tweeting, “I’m a PETA member! People who eat tasty animals…”. However, now it looks like Ramsay has realized just how great vegan food can be!

Many chefs were in disbelief and one contestant, Shayne, said in an interview, “Are you serious? Mr. Beef Wellington likes vegetables alone? It looks like a bad nightmare.

Well, Shayne, vegan food isn’t all raw, bland vegetables!

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