GMB viewers slam Lewis Hamilton for feeding his dog a vegan diet

Lewis Hamilton has been criticized for feeding his dog a vegan diet.

F1 star Roscoe’s bulldog is a celebrity in his own right, with 410,000 Instagram followers.

But Hamilton, who was named to the F1 title by Max Verstappen in a controversial decision on the final day, has been criticized for feeding his dog an unusual range of food.

Roscoe has been reported to have been on a vegan diet for at least two years, with Hamilton describing his beloved pet as ‘super happy’.

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Hamilton shared photos of the dog in front of a plate of strawberries, pineapple and kiwi.

Following a section on Good Morning Britain, social media users were quick to point out the alleged hypocrisy on Hamilton’s part.

One user wrote: ‘Lewis Hamilton went too far in feeding his dog vegan meals.

“It’s not his right to decide.”

An apparent contradiction was pointed out by a critic who said: “Lewis Hamilton, vegan and gives his dog a vegan diet because he wants to do his part, then has his picture taken in his private jet after driving an F1 car . Ironic … “

Another said: “Lewis Hamilton and his vegan dog were sitting in a private jet. He cares about the welfare of animals by not eating them, but he will gladly pollute the world.

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“Celebrities amaze me with their preaching and how much they contradict each other.”

However, others have defended it.

One person wrote: ‘I just thought you should know by digging through Sir Lewis Hamilton, he sold his private jet years ago.

“Maybe you should do some research before commenting on national television.”

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