‘Game Changer’ star Patrik Baboumian launches vegan meat range in UK

Game Changer fans! Patrik Baboumian joins forces with GREENFORCE to launch a new range of plant-based meats!

The innovative Easy Mix ‘powder to meat’ vegan range is designed to provide high levels of protein, as well as to combat food waste.

Dubbed Europe’s answer to Beyond Meat, GREENFORCE says its latest product is likely to be “the world’s most sustainable plant-based meat”.

The Easy Mix line includes plant-based burgers, ground meat, meatballs and bratwurst-style sausages.

Vegetable meat by Patrik Baboumian

Since 2020, GREENFORCE has been on a mission to produce the most sustainable vegan “meat”.

Made from pea protein, Easy Mix requires only water to form a vegan burger, meatball or sausage.

In addition, the powdered form has a long shelf life, which allows us to reduce food waste by cooking only what we need.

Following its success in countries such as Germany, Austria and Belgium, the vegan start-up is delighted to introduce its range in the UK.

Game Changers star and vegan strongman Patrik Baboumian hopes the new range will “revolutionize” the food industry.

In a statement, Baboumian shared, “We believe in a sustainable future that harnesses the power of plants and values ​​high-quality protein.

“Some may be skeptical at first… Some will say: ‘a powder that turns into vegetable meat, how is that possible?’ I tell them: give it a try and see what you think!

Additionally, Baboumian revealed that the vegan meat brand has launched Veganuary starter kits to help people transition to a plant-based diet.

“It is crucial that we provide healthy, planet-friendly and tasty food”

In a statement to Vegan food and life, GREENFORCE founder Thomas Isermann said: “The UK is a hugely important market for the plant world.

“The country’s vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian population is growing rapidly, so it’s crucial that we provide healthy, planet-friendly and tasty food.”

Additionally, Isermann explained that GREENFORCE also focuses on meat eaters.

The founder said his company took over eight years of research and developed a product that would satisfy anyone’s taste buds.

GREENFORCE’s Easy Mix range is now available to order in the UK via the website.

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