Furious GMB Vet Denounces Total Vegan Diet For Dogs ‘Not Enough Evidence’ | Television and radio | Show biz & TV

The vet told Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid that there was not enough evidence to support dog owners to switch to meatless foods. It comes after an American magazine called on people to involve their dogs as “vegan.” The GMB panel wondered if it was cruel to deprive your pet dog or meat, while host Richard Bacon added that owners can be sued for noticing that they are feeding their animals properly.

Dr Cowlam told GMB: “There are so many arguments for either side of this and there are some good points given by the two guys out there and I personally don’t think there is enough evidence. currently to support a fully vegan diet in dogs.

“However, if we want dogs to be better for the environment, we know that eating meat is not good for the environment.

“So why can’t we reduce their meat content? You know, maybe that’s a happy medium, but I’m afraid I’m falling on the side of I don’t think there are enough of them right now. 100 percent evidence to back it up.

Mr Bacon added, “It’s interesting under the Animal Protection Act 2006, isn’t it? You could actually be sued if you don’t give your dog a” proper diet. ” in inverted commas. “

This comes from the fact that dog owner Charlene McQuoid-Guess told GMB: I am a vegan myself and after a lot of research I looked into whether I could possibly feed my dogs a plant-based diet.

“Their health was a top priority for me.

“If I felt they hadn’t prospered in any way or even liked, I would have traded them immediately.

“But over the years … a lot of dogs on it and they’ve all really, really thrived.”

Mr Penrith told GMB News: ‘My whole professional life is helping people control predation in dogs, you know dogs come out every year and kill 15 to 30,000 or attack 15 to 30,000 sheep and other animals.

“They don’t go out chasing broccoli, cauliflower, you know, other root vegetables or whatever.

“It’s not who they are.

“They are opportunistic predators who, yes, they are arguably omnivores, more carnivorous than omnivorous depending on the science you want to read, but they have canine teeth designed to rip, tear shredded meat.”