Dog News: Vet Warning About Common Mistakes When Making Vegan Meals For Pooches | Science | News

The idea of ​​feeding your dog a vegan diet is often met with skepticism, and sometimes even harsh criticism. It’s even been reported that dog owners could face jail time and fines of up to £20,000 for putting their pets on a plant-based diet that doesn’t “meet all your dog’s nutritional needs. However, veterinarians have assured dog owners that it is safe to put their pet on a vegan diet – as long as all nutritional needs are met.

Dr Guy Sandelowsky, veterinarian and founder of vegan dog food company Omni, told “A plant-based diet for dogs can have many health benefits, especially if it is involves cutting back on relatively unhealthy alternatives.

“Plant-based diets for dogs are increasingly recognized as offering a wide range of health benefits, as they avoid troublesome ingredients like processed meat, excess animal fat, and various preservatives and additives. “

Dr Sandelowsky said his vegan dog food, which typically includes sweet potato, brown rice and pumpkin, has 30% more protein than most meat-based diets and is carefully formulated to meet all the nutritional needs of a dog.

He also shared some do’s and don’ts with experts on how to safely feed your dog a vegan diet.

To do:

  • Get veterinary advice on the vegan diet you wish to feed to ensure it is balanced and nutritionally complete
  • Look for FEDIAF certified complete diets

  • Cook ingredients to make them more digestible and kill bacteria

  • Use a supplement if cooking at home to ensure your dog is getting all the vitamins and minerals he needs to thrive (the same goes for meat-based diets)

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