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Southfield (CW50) – When you think of soul food, you probably think of dishes with a lot of starch, salt, meat, bread, and other fried elements. So, if you heard that soul food could be made with vegan ingredients, would you try it?

In 2010, Erika Boyd and her partner Kirsten Ussery began to eat healthier foods after Boyd’s father passed away. This led to the idea of ​​taking old family recipes and trying to make healthy versions of them. Adopting a vegan diet, Boyd and Ussery created soul food dishes, using vegan ingredients and giving them to family and friends a try. The dishes became instant hits, so the two began writing menus for what would become Detroit Vegan Soul.

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Community Connect host Lisa Germani, with Detroit Vegan Soul co-owner Erika Boyd

Boyd, originally from Detroit, has had many food influencers in his life. Her mother was a nutritionist who ran a foodservice program for the city of Detroit, her father was the co-owner and chef of a popular cafe in Detroit, and her grandmother had deep Georgian roots and was a talented soul food cook.

Ussery has a wealth of entrepreneurial and commercial experience in North Carolina and Detroit, where she resided for 20 years. With his entrepreneurial and marketing flair, and Boyd’s knack for cooking, the two were about to open the doors of Detroit’s first all-vegan soul food cafe.

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In 2013, Detroit Vegan Soul opened its first brick-and-mortar restaurant in Detroit’s historic West Village. Four years later, a second location was opened in the Grandmother Rosedale neighborhood of northwest Detroit. Detroit Vegan Soul’s mission is to bring tasty, 100% plant-based soul food to vegans and non-vegans. All dishes are created from scratch, using mostly organic ingredients and are locally sourced, when available. This helps provide a healthy alternative to soul food that generations of people know and love, while maintaining the rich, memorable flavors soul food is known for.

Erika Boyd joins Lisa Germani on Community Connect to explain why she chose to focus on soul food when setting up a vegan restaurant and why it was important to offer a vegan option to the community.

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